Boost individuality, make fun suggestions by users chose the name of rooms

Like name one room to " Pálinka Dal" ( Firewater Song/ moonshine song)

The point is, give rooms name more meaning, involve users chose of the names.

I love Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes and some of them could be cool table names:

Stick around (Arnold throws knife and sticks him to wall) Right? WRONG! (Arnold answers to a question before shooting him) Well that hit the spot (arnold… well i dunno seriously :D) To be? Or not to be? (explosion!!!) If it bleeds, we can kill it. (arnold assures he can defeat predator, could be like If it bleeds, we can bluff it. or something)

Clint Eastwood got good one too: Do you feel lucky? Well do ya punk? (epic Dirty Harry scene)

I just feel these could be funny table names lol.

I like it!

I guess if others would join this idea too, then RP can make a pol for it.

Thanks separy