Blue Token buy in?

Why are chips raked from Blue Token tournaments? Isn’t the entire 2000 chips raked?

Hi B17:)…good question.

I think it is for the statistics of ReplayPoker. This way the amount of all fees for all tourney’s stays correct. Just my thoughts:)…i can be wrong.


You’re right B17. If the tournament prize structure is FIXED like in the Sunday Millions Qualifiers that pay out a fixed amount of blue tokens, it makes no sense to take a separate tournament fee. We’ll fix this.

Well spotted B17, thanks for contribution to the community :wink:

Thanks, sarkozi!! However, that was days ago. I,ve been working hard behind the scenes to keep you unbanned!!!

he he …ty

This practice is still continuing.

You’re right B17, it’s on our to-do list to fix. Thankfully it’s only a visual thing, so it makes no difference on the prize pool etc.