Block other users playing with you

Can u block some one from Registering to play with you? and can we have emaciations that we can use at the table ?

Hi zona

No you can not block a player from registering and play on the same table or multi table tournament with you. There will be always players who not like each other. Even when players can create their own game you can not avoid to play with players you not like when you not create and decide who join the game yourself. The one you not like can be a friend of other players.

Here is a topic about smileys

You can vote for it there, how more votes how sooner it will be developed probably.

Greetings Happiness.

Hi zona79,

Blocking players is tricky because of things like tournaments, but we are working on more community tools that let you take action if you have a conflict with another player. Recently we launched a reporting feature that allows you to report a player from their profile page, which notifies our staff of any issues. You can also mute a player directly at the table if you do not wish to see their game chat.

Regarding emoticons, we would like to see them added as well and they’re on our feature wishlist. I’m not sure when they’ll make it on to the roadmap, but keep an eye out for more to come on this. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Lesley

I like Zona’s idea…there are really some rude players out there that ruin the table.

I would like to see an asterisk or something next to a players name, if I have a ‘player’s note’ on him or her. Saves time wondering why that guy sounds familiar, and having to check everyone’s profile. Some I have as friends I like to chat with, others are bingo players I prefer to avoid.

Silence them at the table, then you only play with polite people or quiet people, or whatever your taste in chat may be.

We’ve fixed the report button on the player mini-profile at the game table. It’s now working and sends you to the player report box on the player’s profile page. We also automatically track what hand you reported it from to help us investigate.

We also plan to add notes support to the game table and indicate if you have a note about the player, not sure when it’ll go live but it’s on the to-do list!