Blinds in Tournaments

Hello, I have been playing many tournaments on this this site and I have a suggestion that might improve the later stages of the tournament.
The blind levels should not take the same time like they do now (i.e. every 8 min or 6 min).
I think that the first few levels (1-4) should be 8 min per level but the ones after that should be like 15 min or even 20 min per level, because u get to a point were u dont really play poker but just fold untill u get like a pocket pair or a strong hand to go all in with and hope to win the race with whoever called.
In every tournament i played at level 7 or 8 the chip leader had approxamently 20 or 30 big blinds (unless he completely rekt the competition) and that should not be the case.
I understand that you do it this way because u don’t want the tournaments to take too long but i really think that it can improve the exprience of the game.
I really hope u will atleast try to do it with a few tournaments at first and receive comments about them from the players.

I think a longer form tournament would be fine, but I highly doubt it would work for any small buyins.

I think that’s a great idea. Maybe not for all tournaments, but maybe for some MTTs or a special type of SnG. Most of the time it’s good that tournaments don’t take too long, but I agree that even high-stakes tournaments with some of the best players on the site become bingo-fests based primarily on luck when the big stack only has 20 big blinds.

Hi hare125,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Most tournaments are played in 90 to 120 mins, and sometimes it takes more time (deep stack tournaments).

I understand your point, when your stack is not so high any more you can not afford to play many hands when the blinds become higher and higher.

When the blind duration is 20 mins instead of 5-10 mins you can play more hands in that level, but you still need to win hands and when the level goes up you have the same problem. A 20 mins level duration is pretty long for online poker and especially for play chips.

The tournaments have different structures, tournaments can be deep stack, regular or turbo (different amount of start chips, different duration of the blind levels (between the 5 and 10 mins), no ante or ante (sometimes from the start) or starting on a higher blind level.

Planned is showing the structure of tournaments more clearly (in the info and/or tournament lobby), indicate whether the tournament structure is regular, turbo or deepstack and also to adjust the tournament structure a bit more.
That way it will be easier to pick the tournament you want to play and the regular tournaments will have blinds going up a bit slower.

I know this ain’t the point here…and it may well not be a big deal,but why not trophies for Tournaments won,as well as hands played,chips pissed away,etc.?

PS viz.Longer intervals-good point for the…heavier games,but this site is really just a bit of cheap fun,and good for learners too.I honestly don’t know-what do the likes of “POKER STARS” et al. do for their tournaments?

I would also like to see longer level duration tournies.

IMO, the ideal tournament would be… 25K buyin, 10 minute levels, 9 seats per table, 10K starting chips.

6 seat tournaments just encourage sloppy “bingo” type play.

I’ve been at a few final tables where nobody had much more than 10 BBs. It’s disappointing to get to the end and have to play shove or fold. I would love to be able to play poker when down to the best, but the fast blinds make that really hard sometimes.

Just my 2 cents.