Blinded by the luck

This happened a couple days ago in a 9-seat SNG; I had a phenomenal run of cards early on, but got destroyed when I didn’t see a Flush and got all-in on a pair of Aces.

I got pocket pairs 3 hands in a row, but only got any value in the first one:

AA over K7, AAA over KK77A, rivered the trips to take the hand away from 2 pair:
TT blind steal:
JJ blind steal:

A6s, flop 2 pair:
J3s, flop 2 pair:

QTo in CO, steal flop with ISD:

K9s, flop flush, straight draws, Broadway at River, overbet and miss value:

K5s, flop 2 pair, close quickly to avoid flush draws hitting:

AKs pair Aces on flop, close hand due to 23 on board making potential straight trouble, flush trouble:

K8s, call all-in short-stack, miss flop and lay down to AK, KT, small stack eliminated:

A9o, pair the Ace, try to close hand but Turn completes flush for T3, they shove, I’m ruined, left with 1700 chips down from 8400:

Didn’t see flush, but should have put opponent on AK when they shoved, and let it go anyway. Bad play due to previous good luck making me feel invulnerable.


Thank you for your posts bud…especially while the site is down :slightly_smiling_face:

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