Bleed of first fold card designations to the flop

Have you noticed that when you fold first, one or both of the card designations often appear in the flop (different suits of course).
For example
I folded 2 A. => The FLOP was 9 2 A (suits are different of course)
I folded 9 2. The flop was 7 9 Q
I folded 5 10, The Flop was 10 3 A.
You expect that this could occur around 1:3-4 hands on average for your folds.
Try an experiment. Play a game and use the fold ‘tick’ box to fold immediately and very quickly, each time, so that you are first to register a fold. When you do this you can get 5-10 occurrences of the ‘bleed to flop’ in a row, provided you are first to fold. That cannot be an outlier aberation, IMO. There is nothing more annoying than seeing one or more of the card designations you fold in the flop! But this occurs regularly and consistently. I reported it but the Replay team has chosen not to investigate it. Love to get your feedback. Cheers,


whats more annoying is chasing straights/flushes and miss, but soon as you fold straight/flush draw because miss when you chase, it then hits. if it does hit, it gets beat.

I’m having one of those night where, every hand, the cards in my hand are either a hand early or a hand late, flopping perfectly the next hand or the one before. I raise high broadways, flop comes in 7-high, 9-high, someone always calls 5-10BB open with junk like T5o and nails middle pair 55s, and thinks it’s fine to call any bet because I could in no way have a pocket over pair, or maybe hit the high card on the flop or just hit a later street higher than a pair of 5s. Fold junk cards and watch them flop two pair, while someone playing AK missing the board takes the pot with ace-high. It’s exhausting.

I know the feeling - the runs of bads will end soon. Cheers and Best Wishes