Blank cards

Hi, I’m seing some blank cards in the 7SC freeroll that’s just started. Some other plays agree.


When you say: a blank has come out…

Hi EFK, thanks for letting us know about the issue! We’ve had this come up once before. At the time it seemed to be an issue with the browser, either using old cache files or an older version causing it not to load properly.

If you would, please try updating your browser and clearing your cache files. Then reload the table. If you’re still seeing the same problem after that, send an email to our Support team at so they can dig a bit deeper.

Updated browser (Chrome) earlier today, and cleared image cache as suggested. Problem persists. Sent email to support earlier.

Thanks EFK, I’ll update the Tech Team so they can have a look as well.

If anyone else is having this issue, please email and let us know the browser you’re using as well as the table you started seeing the problem at. Thanks!

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I guess it might be related to the last Chrome update. I think this is the first time I’ve played since that.

Not a blank card issue but this table appears to be having an issue

I seriously doubt there are 74 players waiting to join a frozen table.

I refreshed everything and now…

75 people are waiting