Birthday League

I’m new to Replay since May and enjoyed playing in the recent Birthday Games.
I noticed there was a league for the week.
Some players won 2 games and some even 3.
However, I never got to see the final results.

I can’t find the table anywhere now and it would be interesting to see who the final leaders are. (Unless of course I’m missing the link or forum topic for it)
Did they win any prizes (chips etc) and what was the final scorings?

It doesn’t show what the payouts/prizes were just the list. However I do know the 3 co-winners were names Replay Players of the Week on the facebook page so congrats @brian42 @burppy @morcosborcos

Thanks… that’s what I was getting at. So congratulations to the winners there. I noticed some had won 3 games, so very deserving and I wanted to say how much I enjoyed playing with everyone in that series.

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