Bingo Players Should Not Be Banned

I’ll watch their hands and then either accept the free chips or if it becomes too irritating move to another table…no point in having a confrontation is there ?

Hellmuth? Deep social commentary? No. You are WAY overthinking his responses. IMO, he certainly doesn’t mind rattling people’s cages, because that deteriorates their thinking and judgement. It doesn’t take enlightenment to be a better card player, it takes good mental math skills, and at a live table, good ability to read other people.

I don’t rejoice when I see them, and it is a plan. However, it is very akin to bullying. At least, when it is done at a low stakes table.

Let me explain why. Let’s say you’re at a 2k buy-in table. You’ve played smart, got some action, and you’ve gotten your stake up to 4k. Now you can bet over the buy-in. You get a decent hole hand, and you do exactly that - bet near or over the buy-in amount. Your players who are sitting there with only the buy-in amount will get tapped if they stay in. If there is action at the table, and the pots are good those players who don’t have a big stake will have to pony up thru maybe 4 to 5 hands to get a winner. By that time, they would have had to rebuy 4 or 5 times. Players quit trying - and the bingo squad profits. If you get 3 or 4 bingo players, they are self-reinforcing. Its just the odds. When you get bingo raises pre-flop, your odds are against getting the winning hand. You have to use your skill to get through those losing hands and still make a profit when you finally get the winning hand.
I play at 2k stake tables. If the bingo players pots are 8k and up, and I can play smart and sometimes make a profit. But it’s hard, and sometimes I have to buy-in 3 times to break even. Sometimes I don’t make a profit. Overall, tho, ATM, I am up.


ROFLMAO! Love it! Thanks!


Good post, I haven’t read the whole thread, TLDR, but you’ve got some good sense in what you’ve said here. BTW, I got into poker decades back when living in Vegas. I like buffing my skills here. What you say jives with both what I learned back then, and what I’ve observed.

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You can’t get rid of them, at any stakes. Elite game for stacks, because Q9o is a great hand to take multiway all-in. Player knows he’s being called at least twice with the chips already in play. UGH!!! :slight_smile:

Not many hands later:


It’s all a strategy. One of the best strategies in the world actually. All great players use it. Its origins have ties to ancient Greece and the martial arts of the far east. I know because I’ve done research to prove it. Such play is never random, it’s all well planned and comes from years and years of practice and experience. Ask the contrarians :wink:

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Scourge of the earth they are - and I got a nasty letter from PETA because of the donkey thing. Hey, I said I’d retrieve them - LOL

NOT ON EVERY HAND or 5 out of 6 hands

Of course not! I Was being sarcastic :grin:

I think BINGO means different things to different people. If a player goes all in evry hand that is bingo to me. All in has its place in poker.