Bingo Players Should Not Be Banned

The community playbook says that bingo playing is not allowed because it can frustrate players and is poor gamesmanship. It doesn’t make sense, because a lot of new players play this way. You can get banned because you’re winning from luck. Playersr are being reported for getting lucky in poker.

If someone goes all in every hand, they will eventually lose their entire bankroll. No one should be banned for going all in Preflop with weak hands. It’s a strategy.

Anyone who bluffs a weak hand and gets lucky enough to make a good hand would be a bingo player. You can get banned because someone is mad that you bluffed and made a strong hand.

If the Replay Poker staff thinks that this is poor gamesmanship, then they should ban anyone who bluffs or calls with weak hands. With their logic, every player should use a TAG poker strategy, and anyone who does not should not be allowed to play. If they think it’s fair to ban bingo players, then they’re saying only skilled players can play.


Bingo playing is when someone goes all in almost every hand they play, not just every once in a while, I hope that helps.


No player should be banned for playing any style… ever.

If someone can’t deal with players moving allin, they shouldn’t be playing no-limit.


I disagree , There is a game to be played here and going all in EVERY SINGLE HAND you play is not playing the game. If they create a game where all players just go all in and everyone hopes for the best and that is the purpose of the game then go for it, But this is not that game… This game uses strategies, skill, patience and luck. doll :slight_smile:

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Going allin IS a strategy, just one you don’t like.

Skill? So players should be banned if they don’t have enough skill?

Patience isn’t required by the rules.

I have some idea of how I think the game should be played, and I play that way. I don’t think my way is the only valid way, and I don’t think people should get banned if they play the way they think they should play. Who am I that I should dictate how other people approach the game?


Personally I love, love, love it when someone sits down and starts going all in preflop every hand. This type of player is easy to beat since they are basically handing their chips over. I just hope that I will get their chips before someone else does.


Yup, I agree it is a good way to get someone’s chips because they eventually run out. BUT it gets a little frustrating when you are forced to either go in all with them or not play. Especially when the one going all in has a lot of chips and just do it every single game. So if you are at a table with a player going all in every single hand you area basically forced to play his way.


So to combat this, we should force them to play our way by changing the rules?


Bluffing or calling a weak hand is playing the game… they are doing something to participate in the playing of the game. And I think people are getting mixed up with going all in pre flop a few times and going all in every single hand.

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With all due respect, maybe we should learn (and abide by) the existing rules before we think about adding new ones.


if someone goes all in every hand in tournament play, it offers you great chances to double up regularly, since his/her range is infinite and you can choose what percentile of hands you would call with. Of course you might get trounced and lose all your chips, but that can happen when you pick up AA and you positively want to be one on one with all your chips at stake.

Anyway, I often raise with hands that have no premium value, as a preflop bluff, which is the same thing.


I have 10 million in chips and I am going to go the the 1/2 tables and shove all in every single hand. If I lose so what because I just rebuy over and over until I have the biggest stack on the table and no one dares play a hand.

Only people that don’t want Bingo players banned are… bingo players.

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Basically we are talking No-Limit, (but 2 skill’d PLO players can certainly get to an All-In situation 1st hand preflop). One of the biggest problems is correctly define’n a what supposedly is a Bingo. Not only that, we are only talking pre-flop here, because once you can see 3 of the 5 board cards… then you certainly are not just hoping for the best.

ANY preflop raise , from 2x the BB, all the way to All-in… is a Raise , and a Bingo. It makes no logical sense to say otherwise because 1 main part of Poker… is raise, call, or fold. Since all top players, say most of the time, a 3-5x raise is proper to enter a hand, that means that every hand @least 1 person will --Raise-- preflop. That means, someone will bingo each hand…

Yes yes, I know you’re going to try and say, but no we just mean all ins, and repeated ones @ that… so what your’s saying is someone has the chiplead and is using it as a weapon and making you uncomfortable by the size of the bets … what thier cards are is meaningless to your assertion that its a “bingo”.

I try and get “cutesy” with my bets at times… so if top @ table below me has 2845… then I try and bet 1 more or 1 less, but when you have fast timers, its much easier just to hit all in, than to try and get “cutesy”… Anyone that says an bingo has to be all in, then really I’m not going all in ( bingo’n) other than to beat the timer so my hand doesn’t fold.

That quote is worth a double quote …
No-Limit is the most popular form of poker being played worldwide.
If you can’t stand the heat, get outta the kitchen …

a raise, is a raise, is a raise, is a raise, is a raise … big or small, its still a raise.
Your Chipstack is your main weapon, and No-Limit is No-Limit, as SPG said.

At some point, either you utilize “the thought police” to gleam the reason for an all in, or you just eliminate all No Limit games period… ( Remember skilled PLO players can get a PL or ML preflop to all in also )


5 replys while I was writing a reply myself…

So You’re saying with AA or KK thats ok ??? so then with 2-3 its not ok…

Whether its a SnG or a MTT , the object is to get the Chiplead immediately, and use it to your advantage, and to never give it up… that is power poker 101 … I’m shocked that so many people at replay have never seen this properly executed, but its certainly not Bingo… roflmao… I played Power Poker to Dominate Halloween Harvest…

It doesn’t matter if you call that person a Bully, a Donk, or a Genius… Once you have the chiplead… I say its not necessary to cover everyone by an all in, just bet 1 more than the next highest person @ your table… So if hand 2,3,4,5 … I don’t shove, but effectively cover everyone @ the table… by what I have heard so far, thats not a Bingo cause it wasn’t all in, but its effectively the same thing… If the timers are fast, its just easier to hit the all in button… hahahaha…

If seriously using your chipstack, according to the rules " NL, PL, ML, FL " is wrong, then we are no longer playing poker here… its some bizzare PC cardgame other than poker.

Learn how to defeat that strategy, its not that hard… but you have to risk it all…

You cannot ban a all in bet, on a No limit table… not 1 hand in a row or 100 hands in a row… No Limit , is No limit for a reason…


I said AA or KK as an example, They go all in to up their chips. That is all I am saying. A lot of players go all in when the tourney or game starts so they can get an advantage as chip leader, Is this wrong? NO, and I am not saying it is, it is a strategy players use and for all good reason. I do not see why that would be called a bingo player and no one is suggesting it is bingo play. To me a bingo player is one who ( no matter what cards they are holding ) just go all in EVERY SINGLE HAND. No matter what, they just go all in hand after hand after hand. Bingo playing is classified as bad gamesmanship, and not just here on replay. Everyone has their own opinion and that is mine :slight_smile: have a good night… Doll :slight_smile:

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Actually it is playing the game, and within the rules or they wouldn’t be able to do it.

We shouldn’t be able to dictate people’s play, period.



I’m reading this thread and I can’t stop laughing. I wasn’t sure about weighing in because of the huge controversy, but then again, why not. So here are my opinions:

First, for those who call bingo play a “strategy”, you couldn’t be more wrong. There’s no strategy in bingo play. It’s not a play style. There’s no plan behind it. Shoving with any 2 cards preflop every single hand is not a move made by a mastermind in the spirit of winning. It’s pure and utter BS. Not to be confused with going all in preflop during the rebuy period of a B/RB MTT which is a strategy that stops after the rebuy period is over. Not to be confused with certain strategies in certain situations (short stacks, bluffs, cards, positions, etc…) which are temporary and are actual play styles. Bingo play is not a strategy, not a play style, and not poker, plain and simple.

Second, for those who are happy and over the moon when they see a bingo player at their table because they can take all their chips: are you serious? When does a bingo player ever hand over their chips without casualties, mostly among the best players at the table? What, you’ll wait to get aces and call their all in? Have you never done it and lost with your aces against their 52o? No matter how good you are, the luck on these people is always brutal to the best players who dare to call them, before someone actually gets them. This is mostly disastrous in SnGs and MTTs (except rebuys during the rebuy period). Call a bingo bet with aces and get eliminated from a tourney against their 72o and double their stack so that they can continue busting others out before they finally run out of luck. You can be happy to see a bingo player in a ring game, but in a tournament, they’re the worst. And if you think it’s a strategy, please go back to point 1.

Third, for those who think that since going all in is an available option within the rules, then abusing it every single hand is also within the rules and therefore it’s ok, you couldn’t be more wrong. Any abuse of any available option within the rules can be reported and is dealt with by Replay accordingly. You are allowed to let the clock run out while thinking what to do, but if you do it every single time in a way that annoys everyone else at the table, you can be reported and moderated. You are allowed to chat but if you abuse it you are also subject to moderation. Same thing goes for bingo players as far as I know. If someone abuses the preflop all in option in a manner that becomes annoying to everyone else at the table, they can be reported and subject to moderation if there is abuse of that option.

I find it weird that some of the best players on this site are defending bingo play as a form of “strategy”. Is it really? I totally agree with @doll46 there is a HUGE difference between bingo play and occasional justified and strategical all ins.

Nobody is trying to impose a certain play style on anyone. Everyone can play their own way. But those who come to a poker site are usually here to play poker. When someone comes and changes their game to lottery in an abusive manner, whether they take their chips or give them theirs, it’s just not appropriate, IMHO.


Gus Hanson is considered by most to be a top professional player. Who here would claim he has no skill, or that he doesn’t understand strategy?


The fact that there is even a discussion about what styles of play should/shouldn’t be allowed says it all - this is not a poker site. Can you imagine a cash site telling NLHE players that they can’t bet whatever they want whenever they want to? Even as a free site, this is sad to read. If someone can’t handle something as trivial as this when no money is at stake, how do they function in the real world? SMH.

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And all bingo players on Replay are Gus Hanson’s are they? :joy::joy::joy: