Bingo Players Ruin the Game/Fun

Classic bingo player. Thanks for ruining the game by coming to a poker site and playing guessing game bingo. Donkey fish are ruining the site by not allowing people to even play poker. It’s just a homerun guessing game of bingo.

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Yeah, that was kinda brutal.

Just out of curiosity, what kind of range did you think he had there? You snapped it off with queen high, what did you think you were ahead of that you would risk it all?


“Bingo Player” is a loose term people now use to describe anybody that’s aggressive. Yesterday I got called a “bingo player” for shoving AKs and pocket queens when I was short stacked in a tourney - what am I supposed to do, limp with 5 BB’s left?? Boo hoo you can’t see a cheap flop.

@SunPowerGuru If he thought the guy was jamming any two cards (which it looks like he was with 93o), then QTs is ahead of his range.

Each of you played that hand like a bingo player. Can’t believe you would snap call with Q high even if they were suited.


You played those correctly, especially when you were so short stacked.

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If the guy was jamming any two cards every hand technically he was ahead of his range with QTs but it’s super high variance to make that call.

In that case, wait for a better hand to make the call or go all in first. Not like it was a tourney where he could’ve eventually been killed by the blinds.

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Yeah I wouldn’t call with QTs in a ring game.

I viewed the replay, then went back about 15 hands or so. That was the first time he jammed preflop, at least in the hands I saw. Nothing would suggest he was jamming “any two cards.” In fact, he was clearly not jamming any two cards until that point.

He was, however, min raising then firing bets on the flop, so I can see how that can get a little frustrating. So my question remains… what range did you put him on, and why snap call there with queen high?

So you got in good and lost the hand. Suck it up. No need to start name calling things like “donkey fish,” and “homerun bingo.” Try losing with a little dignity next time.


@SunPowerGuru Yeah I didn’t look into to it so I assumed he was moving in every hand just because he shoved with 93o…I agree 100% on your last point!

If there were no bad players in poker, it would be very hard to win. I don’t get mad at bad players because it means I am making a long term profit by playing and beating them. (unless you can’t beat bingo players which if true means you need to study more).

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I dislike whiners and complainers.
Everyone plays differently and has their own style, learn to adapt and choose your moments wisely.


Nahhh, too much whining and complaining from you about those who allegedly whine and complain. Get it there slow coach?

if you fold 84 ^ of the time… you might lose 5%vof the time you play a hand but you will win 10 % of the time… folding is key to be a good player

Calling stations like you are the biggest whiners - if he had pocket Aces instead of 93o, you’d still be whining. Next time don’t stack off with friggin’ Queen high.

He doesn’t know what a range is so that’s why he’s not answering you - calling stations just see bet then click call.

I don’t know what he knows or doesn’t know, and neither does anyone else but him.

I also don’t know why the other fella jammed 39, but there could be a lot of reasons other than being a bingo donk.

Maybe someone was at the door, or his dog had to go out, or his kid was crying, or his wife came in the room wearing the latest from Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Maybe his kids are 9 and 3, or he got married or divorced or won the lottery in 1993. Maybe his grandmother won a marathon at age 93 or he is 39 years old, or any of millions of reasons none of us understand.

Why does Doyle Brunson play T2? Why does Negreanu love T7 so much? Brunson won back-to back WSOP Main Events with T2, and Negreanu had a big win defending with T7 in a Super High Roller in 2015, but if you didn’t know that, would you call them fish?

The point is that people play specific hands for lots of reasons. Don’t assume they are idiots just because we don’t understand their reasons.


This is in reply to starbuck…i enjoy people that have a good sense of humour but not fond of name calling…childish :slight_smile:

We can’t make too many judgements just based on one hand but if there’s a pattern of behavior over multiple hands then you can make a judgement on what type of player they are. Part of poker is figuring out what your opponents’ style is and making adjustments to it. For instance, if someone is a calling station, you want to bluff less and value bet more.

From my experience people who complain about aggressive players tend to be loose passive calling station type of players.

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I’m usually a pocket pair. suited Ace type guy… but I also like Q 9… and I don’t know why??? but I win a lot with it.