Bingo Players and The Trigger

Just finished playing a NL Omaha game and thought I’d post my last hand. If you look at previous hands with Gnarkill47 as the winner you’ll see why he’s a bingo player. Doesn’t matter what he goes in with, he always gets his cards.
I’m not here to ■■■■■ about it. But, when I hear everyone laughing at the people who say that the cards are not random, it puts me off a little. I played real poker for a long time before I played here and I know that sometimes their is bad beats or strings of luck, good and bad. But, the odds are what they are and these ain’t them. Aside from poker I’ve been playing video games for 50 years beginning with pong, later with Sega games and one thing was consistant, the game rewards good moves and penalizes bad ones, ‘the trigger’. Argue all you want, but if you don’t want bingo players get rid of the trigger.


That player joined in May, and as a bank of just over 9k.

If he joined at the very end of the month, his daily bonuses would add up to more than 35k. Clearly then, he is not hitting every time he shoves.

Say what you want, but the numberz is the numberz.


You’re playing NL and it’s Omaha and not Hi/Lo. I think your hand was good for calling a Hi/Lo all-in preflop but not for Omaha. And, you woulda won if he didn’t hit the third club.

Again, you’re playing NL and he had you dominated in chips. His only concern would be if the other player called who also had a large chip stack which coulda crippled him.