Bingo players and bad losers

Wie soll man am besten reagieren, wenn man mit einem guten Blatt in der Hand gegen einen Bingospieler gewinnt und dann von diesem Spieler dafür beleidigt und beschimpft wird ?
Translate:What’s the best way to react when you win against a bingo player with a good hand in your hand and then get insulted and berated by that player for it?

Just a smiley face seems like all that is needed … Take a note and do it again

Best of luck at the tables The Goat :goat: :slight_smile:


Apologise to them for how lucky you just got to finally win a hand against them and say they are the best player you ever met. Ask them for tips… praise their skill. Then beat them around the table like a ping-pong ball. Keep telling them how great they are and how much you value the lessons and send a friend request.
There you go… You got your own atm.


Yep, just blow smoke up their ass about how you sucked out on them only due to luck. Then, as you said, beat the crap out of them, but also tell them it must be your lucky day.

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I’ve learned the hard way that the best response to a rude comment is to ignore it. Engaging with an unconscious person will only drag you into unconsciousness too. Stay present by realizing that there is truly nothing anybody can say to you that can diminish you unless you allow it to. Just take a deep breath and allow the comment(s) to pass. Others at the table will appreciate it too.


Dont mind them,play your game,its always ■■■■■■■ out there! If you get into this game you have to get used to lose in diffrent ways and peopel who cant take that shouldent play! I dont now what they think the peopel who do bad remarks and is evil and stupid,sad it is! For love of the game i would never be angry! Poker is winning and losing,getting the thrill,reading the others,get that felling so never feel bad if anyone say a bad thing,just let it run off! Gl on the tabels

I generally find rude comments to be quite amusing, and often play along with them.

Unfortunately, I can’t turn such encounters into obscene phone calls, like I do with telemarketers, so other methods must be employed.

“I was hoping we would become best friends so you can teach me the game,” is a good start, as is, “Well, now you hurt my feelings,” or the occasional, “Wow! You are so much smarter than me, can I come over and rub your head?”

If all else fails, throw out, “Please stop being mean, this is my SAFE SPACE!!!”

Random insults from passing strangers mean less to me than a snot bubble from the nose of a newborn yak, so I try to have a little fun with it while generally not running afoul of the site’s chat guidelines.


I am usually the bingo player and bad loser.

Try to keep me at the table for as long as possible. Even though I’m insulting you, apologize for upsetting me. Agree with everything I’m saying but don’t make it seem sarcastic. Keep my ego inflated so I stay at your table until I’m broke.

To quote Mike in Rounders: “It’s not about pride, it’s about money”


I compliment them for the good play and encourage them to do it again, just as I would when they beat me.

Why? I want them to keep making that mistake and giving me their chips, and if it strokes their ego (which must be pretty fragile since they insist on insulting and berating my “bad” play), all the better.


tell them to let the cards do their talking

Just ignore them and stick to your style of play. They are just using verbiage to try and gain an edge.

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They are either tilted, or they are trying to tilt you. Either way, just muting them spoils their game to your advantage.

Just tell that your friends will never believe that you played against Phil Hellmuth on Replay Poker.

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i think the far off places friend might just be FISHING be careful!

                           Best Regards,Zacor

I am never a bad loser,if i am beat he or she did it better or got lucky,bingo players i just feel sad of,whats the fun of that! Now then i ahve no chips i ahve to deal with the bingo players,its a diffrent sport,diffrent game,not fun! all i know is that i will never bingo again when i lose all! So beautiful game so much more than bingo and luck!

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