Bingo play as a realistic strategy?

I just saw a bingo player WIN a tournament ! (MTT Bounty hunter, just finished at tbl. 5519957) I don’t know about his play before final table, but I saw he was chip leader for 50% of the entire tournament. he came on final table as clear chip leader, and by pushing at LEAST 40 to 50 times, he kept all the others cowed and tilted. is this a workable strategy if you come in as chip leader? or was he a chip bully who got continuously lucky??

I swear, it wasn’t me this time … :innocent::rofl:

@starfishunter ,
I can say from personal experience, yes it “can be”, but usually only in certain situations. You gotta remember, once you get a chiplead, its like trying to stop a terrorist… the Gvmt has to be right 100% of time, whereas the terrorist only has to be sucessfull once… So the ChipLeader/bully/bingo player/ect/ect can be “wrong” more than once, whereas you can only be wrong once ( if both players all-in )… that is if there aren’t rebuys. You call it bingo playing, while I do not… Its standard bully/pressure play, more than it is outright bingo, even if the person is doing it preflop or not.

Because there is the add’d incentive of bounties, KOs matter. The fastest way to KO someone is get all thier chips in the pot early, then beat them… rather than bleeding them down, till shoving is thier only move. If KOs are tracked , for say a LB , then you will see this play more often because players will actively be look’n for those KOs.

In No-Limit, putting a player on the hook for the whole enchilada ( they must decide to risk everything to play hand ) is the ultimate pressure move… in a MTT/SnG without rebuys, they are putting thier MTT-life on the line, to play the hand. Thats why I consider that player more a bully than a bingo player…

Beating a Bully involves risk, same goes with what you call a bingo player. Players can bet whatever they want ( depending on format NL-PL-ML-FL ) so if you wanna stop them, you gotta beat them out… and they know and use that to thier advantage…

Is it a realistic strategy… yes (but)
Its just one of many strategies, and as with them all… depending on the conditions, it may or may not be effective. Usually open-shoving every hand doesnt work long term, but in short bursts it can be highly effective… especially against certain opponents. I have won a MTT before basically when I did play a hand, I was all in preflop… I won’t say I did this every hand though, but more than I prolly should’ve :roll_eyes: .

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For some reason I am reminded of Ron Obvious of Neepsend.

i just lost my butt to 5 different ‘come from behind’ river cards. kept thinking “it can’t keep happening”, and kept adding another 20K, but yes, Virginia, it can keep happening. starting to consider the ‘shove if you think you might hit’ strategy in a new light. prob is, it only works until it doesn’t. if it doesn’t enough, you’re just another fish at the table.

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