Bingo Doesn't Make Sense

I don’t see why going allin all the time is called Bingo. It really has nothing to do with bingo.

I would like to see people use the phrase “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” which is far more descriptive of the actual illness.

Put on the blindfold, shove all your chips in the middle, spin around 3 times, then hope you stick something good. It’s kind of like a pinata without the stick, but Pin the Tail on the Donkey comes closer than anything else I can think of.


Bingo makes sense because you just put all your chips in and then hope the numbers on your cards match the numbers called. If they match, you get bingo! I think “Will the donkey please stand up” would be more accurate, but not as catchy and succinct.

And going all in is not called poker either when it is done consistently:)

Its not weather you all in or not, Its about you win every time when you all in hand after hand , that when players gets to wonder whats going on here, cant be that lucky, that’s why we as players call you bingo player.Its fine to all in glad to take your chips.

i think “lotto” would be a more accurate term.