Billion Hand ID guess tracking and discussion thread

This is an UNOFFICIAL guess tracking thread

Unofficial, in that it was compiled manually and the original guess in the original thread stands.

I wanted to provide a summary of who is in the frame for getting closest.

Based on the speed we are dealing hands and the times of the recent hands which have already won chips, my judgement is that hand 1 Billion will likely fall between May 25 and May 31, probably. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Here are the day by day details.

If you see I have misread your guess, posted a guess you later changed, or I changed it from AM to PM etc, please let me know and I can update this page, but not the original thread

Username May 25th
cenzodaro 00:00
hockeyjim 03:30
JMoNe 05:25
MarmorJJ 10:35
OrangeJohnny 11:00
sam15222 12:00
doll46 14:45
SunPowerGuru 16:20
oobies 18:00
highspeedmike 19:00
vtpcwizard 19:18
Xit 19:37
JSM1 20:37
NotaGoose 23:33
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Username May 26th
bamaone 10:02
jonda 10:30
jingo500k 11:00
SharonSmarty 11:11
narench 13:25
Damne 13:35
PF540 15:15
Cleo999 15:31
Claudina 17:55
Kidpoker1961 20:30
Melinda8008 21:11
Username May 27th
cthuot 00:05
55ko 01:00
HurricanesFan 01:43
DadG 02:01
dwayner 02:27
happy1958 02:37
WordWeaver 04:42
mattiemae 05:00
dp-2017 05:21
U238 07:53
GambleGirl 09:18
Browneyed15 12:00
Koza13 13:37
IGotNada 15:15
RockStone 15:45
ILaVidaLucky 16:30
TheQuietOne 17:06
oldbru 18:45
f15jet 19:03
John12518 19:50
Redcloud203 20:03
XXC63 20:54
Erithacus 21:39
Trafe1 22:00
TheKnutts 23:11
totiti 23:30
Username May 28th
thomasoh 05:16
FoxForce5 06:06
simbaleon 06:10
HoboSoup 06:47
chocolatico 06:50
SilentOutlaw 08:01
Argenius 10:45
GeorgiaKid 13:00
7stud 14:10
GutshotGus 16:45
bigmarkbig 17:08
pup61 18:00
evensteven32 19:53
FlKayak 22:00
Username May 29th
littleluck 00:02
PerisAversene 02:13
cbbrown 03:43
Victoria35 04:12
JSX01 04:15
xxxplaytoyxx 04:42
grapevine 07:15
r82nd2 10:00
55tbird 10:45
qball46 11:29
Arden3 12:44
HenryJay 15:35
nuckelavee 16:00
TXGunGal 16:12
Popflowers123 17:29
Sassee-Lassee 18:15
6Birddog 19:00
LDPiggot 19:12
WILDCAT15 21:15
Jhoxness 21:23
Username May 30th
SharkAttack 02:00
Talencio 02:00
Mr_Jim 02:22
Cat32455 07:12
ejtr 07:25
Los28 09:58
Mikec006 10:10
bill8888 10:34
SU999 12:00
JMAB 12:13
MySherri 13:00
flopnnuts 17:15
ToniTigre 18:05
kwite1 21:30
Username May 31st
Trintheus 01:04
Zephyr23 03:47
VegaOrion 12:00
Craig_Anthony 12:02
mat790 14:00
rosycheeks 16:38
RalphCM 19:16
rats2423 20:30
Crusoefried 23:00
CannonWill 23:11
longshanks14 23:30

Bump / update.

We are due to deal hand 998,000,000 today. There is time to play if you see this in time and be part of it

There are still more hands which award chips drops in the meantime.

Look out for 998,500,000, 999,000,000 and 999,500,000


We are 8 days on from Hand 995,000,000.

This means we should be over 1 Billion during next weekend.



My guess was May 27th @ 11:11, which was meant to be a.m., you have me down @ 23:11 p.m., but whichever. Thanks for the update.

Hi @TheKnutts I checked (post 13) and it does actually say 11.11 pm, but also PCT. :thinking:

I took the view that we asked for all times to be ET so I logged it as ET.

You might be better off with the PM choice, as it happens. Best of Luck in any case

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May 28 9.02 am


I definitely see your guess at May 28 6:47 am

Post 8. Did you do another one that I cannot see?

I would like to remind everyone that this competition was closed on 9th May for guesses!
Please use this thread for discussion if you feel your post is incorrectly timed, and for watching Robs updates!

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idk lol

6:47 on the 28th correct! lol scrolled back and found it tks!

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Thanks Chasetheriver. Youre absolutely right. Think I meant am, but I just might be better off with pm. Who knows, think I do have a decent shot, thanks.

More unashamed hype !!!

We are due to deal hand 999,000,000 today.

May 25th guesses are now falling by the wayside.
May 28 and May 29 predictions looking like the hottest picks. :tickets: :tickets: :tickets:

There is still time to get yourself some free chips by playing 999,000,000 and 999,500,000 before the Big One is dealt

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Something is wrong on this list.
Sometimes is the German time-format better.


Hi @Poki65, Thanks for noticing that. I had the right time, but in the wrong order. Corrected in this page now.

The original guess is 4:42 AM (#196)


Its officially been reached at some point within the last half hour.