Biggest Tournament on Replay?

I had the great experience to play the Bust The Staff tournament today and was shocked to find out there was about 550 players. I didn’t realize that many people played it and it maybe me wonder, What’s the biggest tournament Replay has held?

I’m also curious, what is the biggest prize pool held for a Tournament?

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Hi RandolphR, I think we were on the same table in yesterdays Bust the Staff.

Yes, Bust the Staff is the most attended MTT on Replay. We usually get 500 players and the most has been over 700.

The most popular regular tournaments are (not surprisingly) freerolls but the American Regional games at 20:00 and 21:00 ET daily get over 100 nearly always.

The current promotion, involving Thanksgiving Gobble Games Satellites is seeing tournaments with up to 200 players for the 14:30 ET game. :turkey:

The biggest prize pools are the twice daily Saturday Fever and Widow’s Bite MTTs at weekends with buy ins of 2.5 million and 5 million respectively.
Widow’s Bite has been known to have a prize pool over 100 million chips.