Biggest Challenges At The Tables

What are some of your biggest challenges at the table and how do you overcome them?

My biggest challenge is at the Final Table of an MTT. I usually end up overthinking a situation and busting at the final table. I’ve gotten better at dealing with those situations by telling myself to stick to the strategy that’s been working and try to not overthink situations and what other players are doing.

What are your biggest challenges at the table and how do you overcome those challenges?


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Probably not the best way to do it, but OK. You should adapt to the higher blind pressures, ICM considerations, and short handed play. The things that got you there will rarely take you all the way. :slight_smile:

My main challenge is maintaining interest. By the time I get to the final table, I am about pokered out, and looking to go do something else. I’ve won hundreds of tournaments, so the thrill of winning is no longer enough to keep me focused.

How do I deal with this? I usually deal with it by making a series of really stupid moves, then go do something else.


My biggest challenge at a table is players chatting to me when it’s my turn to play. I think they do it on purpose to throw me off my game . I’m not one to not answer someone in a timely manner so I get distracted. Other than that, I’m fine with my poker playing. My game is right on point.


My biggest challenge is when there is a good player to my left who sees right through all of my bluffs. I end up self denotating as I think they are outbluffing me by 3betting my bluff, so I 4bet jam with something like AQ and then they have AK or QQ or something like that and I bust quickly after joining the table.

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My biggest challenge is the same in poker as it is in life. I focus focus focus for a while, and then my attention drifts away and I make mistakes. Trying to learn to stay on point!