Bigger tournament fields in the age of the corona virus lockdown?

Played in 1/4 million tournament tonight and won 5 million chips, ending a dry spell of 6 days without a win. The surprising thing was that there were 69 players in this tournament, which is the largest I have played for a while, so I wondered if more people were staying at home and we might expect to see bigger fields.

Obviously opponents were tired at the start of the third hour, because these were the first three hands after the break and also the last three hands of the tournament when I had expected a hard slog for the next half hour.

The final hand was an odd one considering that the final destination of 2 million chips of prize money was decided by this one hand. But people get tired and just want to get it over because they have other things to do, I think.

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Quite likely. The online cash sites are blowing through their guarantees for tournaments with huge fields. There are more ring games going at higher stakes than there were just last month. This is a good time for online poker.

BTW - congrats on another win.