Big stacks tourney that actually risks something!

Here’s an idea for the big stacks that will make their play have consequence. How about a tourney only open to the top 100 players where the buy in is 1,000,000 chips, but the last 2 players lose their whole bankroll. They are bankrupted and their chips all go to the top finishers. The way it is now the top players never risk more than chickenfeed no matter where they play. The losers would have to build back up from low stakes. This tourney could take place once a month, and for sure we would see who the real gamblers are when they actually put their stacks and their egos at risk.

your idea is good except one thing,the losers lose their bankroll.They should have a 5 million dollar buy in for the top 10 tourney.A winner takes all thing,no 2nd or 3rd place

Yeah i don’t like the losing all chips thing ^^. If we would compare it to real money poker i wonder how many players would take part of that? Losing ur whole bankroll (like 20 millions) sounds kinda ridiculous compared to the rewards… I think if someone would lost his/her 20 mil bankroll in tourney like that they would just quit the site all together.

And to the topic of high end players not risking enough lets make some calculations. Most of bankroll guides and books (what i’ve read or heard) say that u should not never take part bigger tournament or game where u can lose more than 1% of your bankroll. Biggest tournament i remember has been 500k weekend on fire, so u should have like 500 000 x 100 = 50 mil bankroll to even take part of that. Cash games Tasman sea is 2.5 mil max buy in (and the only buy in atleast for me :slight_smile: ) so u would need atleast 2 500 000 x 100 = 250 million bank roll to to take part in that. So in conclusion only few of the top players have enough chips to play in highest stakes considering healthy bankroll management.

The thing i am saying here is that there is lots of risking especially with play chips and risking your whole bankroll doesn’t just seem very attractive choice for top players, and i think very few would even considering playing event like that.

I still like your idea about the challenge and making players really put ego in risk :). But losing whole bankroll is just way too punishing, but there could be another ways to make it interesting. When speaking of 1 mil tournament i definitely like it, but i just wonder how many players there would really playing it? Weekend on fire 500k never had more than 10 players i think (i could be wrong). But tournaments are on upswing on here and maybe million buy in tourney would get everyone hyped up :), but i like where tournaments are going with those special ones like that recently played irish one and especially end of world tourneys at the end of last year.

Wrote this hastily so sorry for writing errors and remember english isn’t my first language :).

sep, I think smart is your first language. let me think a while!

lol thx haha