Betting Strategy

In poker it’s Important to be consistent with betting sizes. Betting consistently gives you the best opportunity to win as many chips in the pot as possible. It’s important to make educated bets and use the correct betting size. You don’t want to bet to much that you scare off your opponents and you also don’t want to bet to little so that everyone at the table calls your bet.

Personally I like to bet at least three times the big blind when I have a hand. Usually most of the table folds however there may be one or two players who call my bet. If I have a history with a player and know that the player often calls almost any bet I’ll normally be aggressive and bet a lot of chips when I’m heads up in a hand with that player.

If I’m heads up and have a strong hand like a full house, flush, straight etc, and my opponent decides to take the betting lead I will let them lead until the turn or river depending on the situation. When the hand reaches the turn or river I’ll usually re-raise my opponent to possibly gain more chips in the pot or bet all in depending on how many chips I have left. It’s a situational decision that really depends on how well you know your opponent in my opinion

If the opponent doesn’t want to take the betting lead I’ll try to play and bet aggressive while not trying to scare them out of the hand. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Personally I feel It’s really trying to get a feel for your opponents at the beginning of a ring game or tournament. You should try and figure out their playing styles and how they bet.

What is your betting strategy in an MTT or ring game?



Best advice I have is “don’t bet on what you don’t yet have”