Better private message deletion options

This is a nice feature but have another question related to messaging: Is there a way to delete many messages at one time instead of each one individually? Have several pages of messages to remove but one at a time takes forever. I know I should delete as I receive right? There are some I treasure and would like to keep ( and you know who you are. (✿◠‿◠) :heart:) Oops, shhhh!. LOL.

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Thanks for the suggestion RavenLenore. I agree, it would be a very useful option.

We were thinking of switching from an email inbox style, to the more popular conversational style (like on facebook) where you basically only ever have one conversation with another person, not multiple separate messages. If we decide we’re not, or if it turns out adding multiple deletion is simple to do - then we’ll get this feature live.

Yea, its takes me a long time to clean my mailbox.