Best Web Browser to use on RP?

What do you think the Best Web Browser to use on RP is? Whats your experience? Have you found a Browser that works well on RP, reduces lag, performs better, makes things more bearable?

I’ve been experiencing a lot of problems on RP more recently with the site being extremely slow and insane lag on tables & table freezing.

A friend has suggested using opera.

I decided to do some research to see if I can find out myself. Firstly 2 things to consider:

  • 1. my laptop is extremely old, possibly over 15 years with extremely limited hardware performance & RAM
  • 2. my location being Australia is isolated from the rest of the world & has some slowest internet speeds of any developed countries

Based on research considering 1 & 2 I think what is called a lightweight browser would be the best option. Lightweight basically means from what I discovered that the Web Browser eats and wastes less RAM.

I have used Microsoft Edge with no noticeable improvement. Vivaldi & Opera seemed to get high praise as Lightweight Browsers and being the fastest running on old PCs. I’ll be installing Vivaldi and testing for a while in hope of improvements.

Have you found a Browser that works well on RP?

Actually it’s not your browser, edge and chrome are fine. You/we have 2 problems. Internet speeds. Fiber optic is the best followed by cable internet, then as far as speed, hardwired to your modem or WiFi is huge. Hardwired is better with no air signal lost.

COVID-19 !!! The internet is overwhelmed for the last 9 months as 4 times as many people all over the world are using it for;

Online shopping for everything
Working from home
Distance school learning
Streaming movies and TV
Smartphones on WiFi

You can do a free speed test on your computer at different times during the day and see the difference.

We have needed a new internet for over 10 years.

Best you can do for now is have an updated computer ( new guts ) keep it updated and get rid of junk programs you don’t need. Keep it clean and fast.

Hope that helps
Best of luck



From what I’ve heard, some of the issues are related to the Google Cloud based servers that RP resides on, not to anyone’s individual devices. For what its worth, many of the cash sites have similar problems. Try having a dozen tournaments open on a Sunday only to have ACR crash. Things happen.

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