Best foor for poker

what is the best food for poker? For me it’s popcorn because you eat 1 piece in between hands and it’s fast. You “Pop” it in your mouth and keep playing (that why it’s called Pop corn.)

I asked on here and 1 guy said hot dogs but those are too hard. Need to buy 2 different ingredient nuless you want just hot dog with no bun. And in my family we say “no bun, no fun”

Anything you can eat using just your non-mouse hand is fine. I like Peanut M&Ms because they cover the 3 basic food groups: hard candy shell, chocolate, and peanuts.

Serious online poker players also wear Depends or other adult diapers (which my English to Brit dictionary calls “nappies”) so they never have to miss a hand.

It’s also good to be exceedingly nice when not playing. This gets it out of your system so you have a storehouse of pure evil to unleash at the table.

I like small croissants with cream cheese, capers, maybe a sliver of purple onion and smoked salmon!!! The fish is supposed to be good brain focus food… and I usually drink The Republic of Tea’s Organic Brain Boost tea… why not!?!

With popcorn for an appetizer, and peanut M&Ms for dessert, of course!!

Anything Becky(not her real name) fixes for me I gotta eat. She ain’t a great cook but that’s fine . Poor girl is still traumatised by the weird kid that used to live next door. Cant figure out why she screams when she sees a woolly sweater tho…

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i do not know what foor is?please explain

i like tobacco and things that taste like fish. plus crab.

I consider BEER the best food for everything.

this week I started drinking “WATER” - yes, the regular stuff from the faucet, and it turns out it’s perfect for poker. It’s free, and you don’t run out because you just get more out of the bathroom sink. Stop wasting money on milk or Gator, this is the “nut” drink (the best drink, because nuts in poker means the best hand)

Sliced pepperoni, Spicy string cheese, Jalapeño pringles, and Coca-Cola.

A lot of beer :slight_smile:

I enjoy munching on the souls of the defeated washed down by their tears of dejection. Does that make me a strange bunny?. lol

Always a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee and smartfood popcorn ( Tilting bag to mouth ). If I don’t have it in the house I will go to the store and get it or not play :slight_smile:

I need that right hand for my mouse lol