Being turned away

have gone to a 25/50 table a few times with 2500 chips and was told I had to have an amount greater than that such as last time 1 minute ago on the Maya table I had to have 4815 chips and then I see someone get seated with 3500 chips

The min bring in is 2500 chips and the max bring-in is 10k. You can sit down with chips between that. Only when you played earlier on that table you must return with the chips amount you left. When you left 50 mins earlier with 4k, you must return with 4k. The limit is 60 mins.

You played earlier today on that table? That can be the reason.

Happiness is right, you’re required you to sit back at the table with at least the chips you won for a specified amount of time. It’s a rule of poker.