Being human

Why do I have to do this multiple times a day? And why in the middle of a hand do I get kicked out and have to sign in again?

We wonder just. how. much. you can take.

The story of replay poker. I remember a time when everything ran smoothly.

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I had trouble a couple of weeks ago, but no trouble since. Hoping the same for all!


Smooth sailing so far. Hoping it lasts.

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If this is about website lagging and freezes, to be honest I haven’t seen much to suggest that it’s bad recently. It certainly seems to run a lot better now than earlier in the year, I’ve been playing more tournaments lately so you tend to know when it’s bad and when it’s good based on how much time you spend on here.

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I experience lags every day here to the point of being scary lol.I get sat out with winning hands and THAT is frustrating.

When I start having jumpy, laggy play, I’ll hit the F5 button to refresh the page, seems to help.

you can also try a different browser (opera myself)

Or try playing on an iPad

I think you hit the nail on the head.

Seems this all started immediately after releasing the apps for phone play.

I wonder how many people actually play on a phone.


A lot except for league games where everyone chats with everyone. Nice group of people

Best to contact support in case the issue is with your device and outside the usual clitches found on replay. Personally, I’ve only been disconnected from the table for a moment and don’t have to sign back in.


Welcome to the forum @Spiritworld1 , Lot of great folks here that may help with your question’s or concerns. Without any details of device use, and circumstances, I can only suggest clearing your cache, History and Cookies. Please send an e-mail to with the specific details of your problem, GL and hope you will always have fun at the tables.