Beating an empty chair

I wish you could see the hole cards that beat empty chair in this 2-seater SNG I played a few days ago.

I couldn’t hardly believe it myself. And there’s my empty chair opponent, folding the blinds, and I’m unable to get any value out of them.

I join a 100k SNG table, and V doesn’t even seat until his stack has bled down to 490 chips from starting stacks of 3000. During his period of being away, I see amazing cards. A cluster of pocket pairs and broadway cards, crazy hot hands. Just before the table times him off, he finally wakes up and takes his seat.

This isn’t even a fair situation, for him to be starting off so handicapped. Fortunately, he’s playing against me, and as is almost always the case, now that it’s down to his final few chips, the game switches into invincible short stack mode, and there’s literally nothing I can do about it. My cards, once white hot when there was no one else to play against, go dead cold and the best I can do is call weakly with middle pair hoping he is just bluffing when a higher card comes up on the Turn, and well of course he’s not.

Start here:

He recovers from 200 chips all the way up to over 2000 before I can find a hand to beat him with, nearly back to break even. All those monsters he dodged just by not being there.

Inexplicably he calls a shove with middle pair when I’ve flopped top two, and I make the win. Final hand is #656414792