Beat Your Friends Easily

Have you ever planned a game with a friend, registered for said game , waited for said friend only for some randomer to come along at the last minute and grab the seat you you longed for your friend to be sitting in. I have, and it grinds my gears!!!
Yeah I love playing against new players as it provides a new challenge and all of that jazz but sometimes I really just want to kick one of my friends’ behind areas,( in the nicest, most sporting way possible of course) So whats the suggestion you ask… Its simple!

And here it is…wouldn’t it be just swell and dandy if you could reserve a seat for a friend,
I know it could cause some difficulties however were it done correctly I think it would be a great addition. I think it would obviously have to be timed , say even were you to allow a player to “hold” a seat for maybe two and a half minutes then I think you have a nice balance. If your friend doesn’t join in the time frame then that is too bad!!! One “hold seat” per game registered to, 2.5 minutes for your friend to get there and there you go.

Stay Sweet, Be Shady.


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Hmm… poker IS more fun with friends…

A lot of work for nothing when the same result can be achieved by organising your friend to be there at same table before you log into it?

Ohhh if only I too lived in your perfect world

…you could beat your friends easily? Jerk! =P

Jerk? Well thats just the wrong side of pleasant . V Shady Vs gatzby heads up anytime any buy in ( I have like 500 in my bankroll) But im sure you can help me double that . We may not be friends (yet) but I have a certain set of Poker skills and I will find you, I will beat you and it will be easy :sunglasses: Be Shady

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gaaaaaaaaaaa tzby? gaaaaaaaaaaaa tzby ?
. Where are you bro?

Hiding, man. I’m on a bad beat that only allows high card, eight.