Be happy

well ty for sharing .

I just heard i got a mention on this forum , i would like to thank 1Warlock for that , as for the nicest person i have met so far , i would have to say Mystrygirl would be my nominated nicest person , great conversationalist … great laugh … always concerned about people in general … all in all a really good friend … be lucky players…

Simply_Sam is a fine human being, a real genuine person. Of course, I wouldn’t be completely honest if I said he was the nicest. I’ve met a lot of “nicest people”.

Top of that list would be Sam and of course MystryGirl, she’s the best :wink:

Of course, you can usually find hal333333333 and jae333333333 along with ikeskinner, moosedrool , micki_finn, and myself donking chips back and forth any given night.

And props to all those i forgot as well.

thanks for the Simple sharing lol

you must be looking into the future baa ha !

wow almost too many to mention will leave many out but def midwestjack, happy, thumbs,texlea,horseman,Nottheone, crum moe,frisco,minks. Oh just way too many more but you know who you are. xx