Be happy

be serious now, whos the nicest person you have ever played here and why .

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I have to go with Simply_Sam here. Don’t mean to offend all the other nice people I’ve met but Sam was cool from the 1st day I got here and always seems to play happy. Good sport, outgoing personality and solid player. He made me feel welcome even when my whole bankroll didn’t cover the rake from many of his games. Class act and gets my vote.

Can’t name just 1 … so for that reason I plead the fifth.

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cop out lol

cough … cough …ahem…

I have yet to meet Happy, but I have played with Grumpy, Dopey, Sleepy, and Bashful.

There are a lot, but minksnopes has never wavered from being a nice guy.

get ready to meet happy LOL

harley57 - definitely ranks right up there… :slight_smile:

i really dont know, john dq i think, but i havent heard from him in a long time. maybe daltons dad, but it reminds me of a story. i had a supervisor who was quite short, and really didnt like me much. one day i said to him, you dont look like you are happy, in fact, you look grumpy. he said, i am not grumpy, to whioch i replied, then which one of the 7 dwarfs are ya, true story

why thankyou Boom.

I have to go with Seafox - mostly because he was my brother. He died Dec 1st last year and I miss him. On the few occasions when we wound up at the same table it became special!!!
BTW my profile picture is my brother and my mother - both now deceased.


happy cant spell perfect 4 here aye

Moe, Sunpowerguru, dreams an horse-man are just some of the very sweet people I have come across in playing on this site. Though I can say I’ve met all of Snow White’s dwarves too…hee hee

my deepest condolences for your loss, its good that you could both enjoy playing poker together

ladyone64 my deepest condolences for your loss.may god bless you

its a tough one but im going to go with my gut and say myself. easily coolest person on the site.

strong text Minksnopes the best.

not sure if I concur lol