Battle Royal question

Glad to see the announcement for Battle Royal, been antsy for a new promo, thanks.

Just a small clarification needed - is the Daily Leaderboard a “Best 7” or “First 7”? The third paragraph indicates “Best 7” ("…as Battle Royal features a “Daily Best 7” 400,000 free chip leaderboard…"), but the title of the board is “Daily First 7”. Also, the fourth paragraph states “Simply score as many SnG Points as you can over your first seven games” so I’m guessing it’s First 7, just thought I’d make sure.

Thanks. Looking forward to it.

Hey Matchstk,

That was my oversight, thanks for spotting it.

I have edited it. The correct leaderboard for this promotion is “Daily First Seven”.

Thanks and good luck in the promotion!


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