Barnyard Muckers League

game 1 week 5 is in the books. Cobra Chickens continue their winning way taking first in aheated battle with MUCKER LUCKERS(2ND PLACE) and MUCKRAKERS(3RD PLACE)
Great game was played by all teams.

game 2 of week 5 was a humdinger. MUCK U scooped up first while The Final Straw battled to 2nd.Muck Rakers (grudgingly) settled for 3rd!! The race is tightening up. Tune in tomorrow dont miss the battle

week 5 finished up today with the HOWLERS claiming 1st over the Final Straw in 2nd but not before the Mighty Scratchy Cats gave them quite the battle settling for 3rd. Great game was played by all.

Week 6 started tonight with MUCKER LUCKERS leading the way to1st followed closely by MUCK U in 2nd The Final Straw claimed 3rd. the top 6 spots are separated by a mere 59 points this week could provide a big shake up in the Leaderboard

2nd game of week 6 saw some great card playing and some strategic moves on the Leaderboard. First place went to the Mighty Scratchy Cats and 2nd place to the Muck Rakers
3rd place was claimed by the MUCKER LUCKERS who with this victory took over first place on the leaderboard. Cant wait for tomorrows game!!

game 3 is inthe history books. cobra chickens emphatically took 1st place over the MIGHTY SCRATCHYCATS for 2nd place followed closely by the Final Straw claiming 3rd. The Cobra Chickens took back first place on the leaderboard so next week the first 3 teams are in a tight race…for the “also rans” the battle is a close one…32 points separate 4th from 10th…wow what a battle!!!

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You might want to revise those placings girl. :laughing:

oops, sorry rusty. the Final Straw took 2nd and the mighty scratchy cats settled for 3rd.

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Week 7 has begun!
Thursday’s match saw MUCKER LUCKERS taking 1st place, MUCK RAKERS battled for 2nd place and the Mighty Scratchy Cats took 3rd. Great game played well by all.The leaderboard shows just how close the teams are. First three teams have only 15 points separating them 4 thru 10 are only 37 points apart

WOW!! what a match…Eight teams were still battling after the break…it then took another 45 minutes to declare a winner and that was MUCKER LUCKERS holding on for 1st with Maniac muckers settling for 2nd and the Howlers in 3rd. Great game …the race is even tighter with the Luckers gaining some distance in first but less than 80 points separate 2 -10

Game 3 of week 7 is in the history books and what a match. The Mighty Scratchy Cats clawed their way to the victory and1st place! The Final Straw settled for 2nd and the MUCK RAKERS won 3rd. Yesterday and today were GREAT poker games and as exciting to watch as to play.
Next week is a “by week” so we all should be well rested for the battle to continue Dec 1st!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today was the first of two ALL-MUCKERS tournaments. Small turnout but a fierce battle One Hour and Forty minutes and our Josianne triumphed over Grateful_Ed but only after one of the best head to head matches EVER. Mahvelous reluctantly settled for 3rd. Im sure he wants a rematch, as do we ALL !!. SO join the fun at tomorrows 1:00 game. It should be WILD

Great game RustyBlade,TJMcfarland and PF540.finishing 1st,2nd and 3rd. It was great fun to relax and play heads up. Next week back to the WAR. Congrats all great bunch of people!!

wish i could have joined you all…

you were missed my dear!!