Barnyard Muckers League

the overall team score, might be right but the individual player scores has mr_monk as a no show for week 3. and we have a side bet on most points scored for the quarter… hate to see him get short changed.

OK Jake, i can explain to you what happened but i dont know how to correct it
I (incorrectly) entered Mr Monk instead of Mr_Monk so if u look down the player list you will see a score for Mr Monk. so he did get credit for it but under an alias. I will correct it as soon as i figure out how!!
…rookies make mistakes…so sorry!!
Congrats on your win Saturday!!


oh, and the
cobra chickens DID get credit for his points (I did get that much right)


ty mg… I think it is really nice of you to take over score keeping… take all the time you need

Carol-Just delete the Mr Monk identity and add last week’s 10 pts to Mr_Monk. Allen has made that same error before and just fixed it that way.

I corrected the issue. All scores should be correct now. Just in time for Week 4!

thank you Allen!!

the leaderboards after 4.1:

Week four is underway, and, with all due respect, it was a night for the teams still trying to find their groove this quarter. The Unstables showed they have what it takes to make a serious climb in the coming weeks with an impressive win. Maniac Muckers showed us all they can’t be forgotten with a strong second. Shameless takes third, which means they start the week with more points than the one in the last two weeks. Its anyone’s game. Tune in tomorrow to see who is flash and who is fire.

the leaderboards after 4.2:

The MUCK was thick today, muckers. To begin with, Cobra Chickens saw their pre-game ritual spin into the dark corners of the universe. Their team was allowed to register only to be made invisible. The table waited for this wrong to be righted. Then tried to move to a new table. But it was too late. The geese were gone. For this injustice, Cobra Chickens were given a score of 12 today. Any complaints should be posted to King John and Pris as an official league discussion on the Muckers Skype.

For everyone else, the week continued to see the teams at the bottom pushing their way to the top. Howlers outpaced the madness and won the day. The Unstables thrived in the madness long enough to take second. Maniac Muckers made peace with the madness and took third.

One more game to go. It is can’t miss mucker’s madness. Tune in tomorrow!

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Thank you, Allen. Very generous

the leaderboards after 4.3:

Week 4 is in the books. MUCK U wins the day and retakes the overall lead. The Mighty Scratchy Cats take second, which moves them into third overall. Shameless strikes a third on the day.

We are one third of the way through the quarter. Time to evaluate and elevate. See you next week!

the leaderboards after 5.1:

Week 5 is off. The Unstables continue their charge up the leaderboard with a win. The Final Four finish second as they continue fight to reclaim “their” top spot. The Maniac Muckers make it a family affair on the podium with a strong third place finish.

What will happen today? Only the muck knows.

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the leaderboards after 5.2:

We shook the second leg of week five. MUCK U stands tallest. The Final Four finds second. Maniac Muckers take their second third of the week. A case of the rich get richer all around. Let’s see what today’s action brings!

Barnyard Muckers 2022 3rd Quarter Leaderboard - Google Sheets

Week 5 is in the books. MUCK U wins for the second time on the week, extending their lead overall. Howlers take second on the day after an impressive game. The Cobra Chickens find their strut again to take third.

The first five weeks have been a muckfest. Lots to go, but this is shaping up to be a historic quarter. Time to decide where your name will be in the history books, muckers :slight_smile:


Historic? Because NO TEAM has ever won back to back quarters perhaps?