Barnyard Muckers League

the leaderboards after 12.3:

With all the glory on the line, the final game of the quarter was the muckfest you would expect. MUCK U claims the day and the quarter with an impressive display of poker from start to finish. Bee, Witched, Bothered and Bewildered finishes second on the day, which lands them in fourth for the quarter. The Final Four outperform their name again, finishing third on the day and third in the quarter.

The Cobra Chickens gave MUCK U a race for the ages. In the end, MUCK U pull through. Another great quarter by all. Tune in next week for the all-in and see how you do when the best team game on replay is an individual game for one day.

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When the pressure was on…the champs put up 50. Clutch Clutch Clutch beat Cluck Cluck Cluck I guess.
I tease…the Cobra Chickens played an AWESOME quarter. Well done one and all.

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this is a work in progress, but here is the start of next quarter’s leaderboard:

Give it a look, especially on the team page, and let me or MG know if something needs attention!