Bankroll graph and my brief RPP bio

Congratulations! Best of luck with your new gig.

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For what it’s worth, here’s mine.

The daily bonuses don’t really show up on the chart so here are the totals by transaction type.

Transaction Type Total
Admin 35,000
Daily Bonus 889,000
Prize won 206,375
Refund 100,000
Ring Game 1,178,464,202
Tournament 3,969,820

Here’s another look at the data. This time, I normalized the data by taking the last data point from each day. This means that the horizontal axis represents a regular interval of time, regardless of what section of the graph you’re looking at. Well, nearly; on skip days I didn’t play or collect the daily bonus, my bankroll didn’t change. There’s relatively few of those, but if they were inserted into the data to fully normalize the horizontal axis, there would be a few flat stretches. This took a lot of manual data massaging to put together, but I think it’s worth it to have a distortion-free view of how my bankroll has grown over time.


That looks very solid, clearly you have been doing very well at all the stakes you’ve played at. Looks like this is over a pretty large sample as well. Out of interest do you know your ROI% and ITM% at the different SnG levels? I’d say 50% is probably achievable but it’s certainly ambitious.

For what it’s worth, I have a different approach on this site. My feeling is that by playing with significantly less conservative bankroll management I will increase my average winrate a lot and have a shot at reaching the top even if I do risk huge swings and even the possibility of having to start over. Ultimately it’s play money and I’d rather have a chance of becoming a replay billionaire than being too careful.

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@MattyBall, offhand I don’t know either of those, but if I sit down and sift through my Activity log I might be able to pull that info out. It’d sure be nice if Replay provided a full API, or at least a reportbuilder to make getting the data easier.

Offhand, if I were to guess, I’d say that my ITM% in SNG is probably about 33% or more, but definitely well below 50%. This week, through my first 19 games, I’m ITM 12/19, 63%, and that’s much better than last week, after fixing some holes in my game I am running very good right now.


I made a Chrome extension inspired by this thread which adds a chart of your bankroll history to the Transactions page. Click your chip balance in the top nav on the right then click “See all transactions” with the extension installed to see your chart

I wouldn’t normally suggest downloading random extensions, they can be a privacy and security risk, but if anyone wants to try this one I guarantee it is safe. The source code is published here if anyone wants to verify, collaborate, or install it manually :slight_smile:

It will take up to a minute to show your chart for the first time if you have a lot of transactions, but should load faster from that point on - it has to fetch your bankroll history from the server in small batches, but then stores the information in your browser so it only has to get new records the next time

My chart is a bit crazy - somewhere around January I decided to try and play a bit looser, and call more at the same time… well you can see how that’s playing out lol…

In the beginning I was slow to start, trying to get my bearings and figure out the game… I’d only played at some home games and didn’t really know what I was doing. I somehow managed to build it up, and maybe by fluke won a Bankroll Builder, before eventually squandering the ~700k winnings and starting from scratch again.

It took a long few weeks(?) tapping the Get Free Chips button to learn the hard way that this is a game of discipline, patience and bankroll management… or at least that’s the foundation the rest of it is built on

I took a deep dive of watching videos, live events and commentaries trying to figure out how you’re supposed to actually learn and play this game, coming to the conclusion it’s something like a mix between b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t, rock paper scissors, and stochastic chess…

I spent a lot of time playing and practising from then on

The first big jump in November 2018 I think was was when I bought into my first 250k tourney, Ruthie’s Round-up. I ended up coming first through a combination of luck and doggedly trying my best not to waste my first big buy-in :slight_smile: which I really enjoyed

The instant downward spike at the start of December was when I bought into a 5M tourney by mistake, or folly, and then unregistered as soon as possible :stuck_out_tongue:

At the start of April I bought into a 1M tourney, and ended up coming first or second :slight_smile:

I have lost so many buy-ins, 100k, 250k and I think even 1m on one occasion through missing tourneys and sit-n-go’s, not hearing or getting notifications, etc…

But I love this site and play for fun, it just makes it an extra challenge. It’s a pleasure to experiment with new styles, learn from and chat with everyone here

Looking forward to many more games and hope to see everyone at the tables

By the way @puggywug, if you want to try a 50k SnG, or even a 100k you will be more than welcome


That’s really neat that you made a Chrome extension. I’ll stick with my spreadsheet since it’s already built, but I hope this encourages more people to generate their graphs and put them up here.

I did very well in my first 20 SNG’s at 25k buy-in this week, and I think my game is very strong right now. I’m probably going to finish out this month at 25k Astral so I can get the monthly bonus chips, and then if I’m still running this good I’ll move up to higher stakes in July.

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Sweet. You are playing much more conservatively than me lol :slight_smile: Probably to your benefit

Good luck!

Very neat utility. I wish I could write one like this, but never could get through Java Script.

My graph, a conservative line of play:

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My graph from the cool extension. The flat spots are the times i went on break, which seems to be a lot more than I thought.

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Wow nice tool! So much easier than trying to manually track results. Now all we need is for someone to make a HUD!

Very nice tool! I track my own bankroll and some other stats on spreadsheets, but this gives a very nice overview right at your fingertips.

I was on a nice exponential growth pattern overall, but i’ve obviously met my match in the last few months running into the top players, particularly once I started playing more at the 200k bb level. I had a similar but larger (percentage-wise) downswing for a couple months last summer which was around the time i started to hit the 40k tables, so i’ll just need to work at adapting and getting better still. Many holes to fill in my game - it’s up to y’all to find before I do.

Key is bankroll management. Only move up stakes if you have enough chips to absorb several losing sessions. i like to have at least 30x the buyin in the bank. preferably more.

From my other tracking -
1,975,000 is from daily bonuses,
93m (and change) is from tournaments
the balance (840m+)is from ring games, which is where i spend most of my time.


Cool, I’m glad it’s useful, nice to see other graphs :slight_smile:

v0.1.2 released (allow 24 hours for automatic update) with

  • improved icon
  • more consistent grid lines and markers (an attempt, anyway)
  • click the toolbar icon to open the graph page in a new tab

@SunPowerGuru cool, looks like there was some activity during the break. I remember being jealous when you broke into the top 1000 at the start of the year!

@Dorkupine 40k bb’s would make me dizzy never mind 200k lol

@puggywug itm% analysis might be possible if you could check how many buy-ins match up with a prize for the same tournament?

40k bb’s would make me dizzy never mind 200k lol

That is why bankroll management is so important. To me, they’re just big blinds. I try not to change the way I play simply because of the stakes. (I may change because of the competition but not just because of the size of the bets).

I know I have enough in reserve that I’m not afraid to lose whatever chips are on the table and simply refill and keep playing when I do. If I feel i’m losing too much and start getting worried about it, I’ll move down in stakes for a while. You never want to be Scared Money or someone will sniff you out and eat you up, regardless of the stakes.

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Yep, 200k should be close to my max buy in right now.

I often push it to 250k or 500k for SNG/MTTs because I enjoy the play there. I think you get almost everyone taking it seriously there, and a deeper meta game emerges.

Anything 500k+ has usually turned out to be a “learning experience” for me lol…

I did do well in a couple of 1M tournaments though, and I remember having a similar mindset to what you describe going into those. Seeing it as a price paid to learn and not expecting a return helped me play and enjoy it better.

Now I try to have the same mindset with every game… trusting I’ll either profit in the long run, or learn and adapt!

image Here is mine though I don’t know what it really says about my play lol


I like it, not taking too many risks I see. You’re climbing equally and surely.

Lost 2m a couple hours ago, but this is ALL transactions, raw data, breaks in play are not represented… blue line is 5 weeks ago after a 4 month break …

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Fun read. Luv charts. Truer words about the game were never spoken:

“the conclusion it’s something like a mix between b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t, rock paper scissors, and stochastic chess…”

A lot of the former

Vn, what caused your first big dip? I don’t feel so bad now…

@ironsides I think it shows very sensible play!
@smaller lol… it can be one of the most enjoyable aspects for sure