Bankroll Builder

Recently thru another thread, the 500 B&R was tweaked, but in the process of the new leaderboard they eliminated 1 of the 3 types… It used to be :
Bankroll Builder NoLimit 500 B&R ( Bounty/Rebuy )
Bankroll Builder MixedLimit 1k
Bankroll Builder MixedLimit 1.5k ( eliminated )

These are designed for the newer players, yet the 500 B&R gets expensive, so not so much… The other two, are ML and can help novice players get a grip on things. Now that there seems to be a deticated Leaderboard ( awesome )… maybee add back in the 1.5k and maybe make it PL. This gives those 3 great teaching tools for novice players… NL, ML, PL, B, R … a crash course on Hold’em.

Just a thought… ( and maybee tweak the 500 B&R rebuy time to 10 seconds not 20 )

Note to staff, I mess’d up./… somehow I toggled NL, not “all limits”
I now see the 1k ML BB MTT, but still need the 1.5k one.

Cool, glad that got cleared up! :sunglasses:

Thanks for the feedback about bringing the 1.5k entry fee back (potentially as PL)! As mentioned, the 500 + R and 1,000 are the only entry fees for Bankroll Builder right now, but the input is appreciated. :slight_smile:

Fizzy, while somehow NL got toggled and those 2 pics are kinda useless and could be deleted… what I orig msg’d you about still holds true… a week ago, I could see green MTTs the whole 24 hrs, now its just the next 3 hrs…not like that is a big problem, but I was curious why it chg’d…

If the new BankrollBuilder leaderboard/promotion is gonna be a basic thing like the regional leagues, forever… I think thats awesome, but deff add back in the 1.5k, and maybe a 2.5k…Originally I thought this promotion ran monthly, but weekly… top 20 seems excessive, maybe top 15… ( so best 2 per day +1 ) iono…

yes Fizzymint, please delete the 2 posts that have pics plz.

That was Brutal… best 20 weekly, and even the monthlies are only best 40…
The new BB promo, sure basically gave me the perfect “base” tourns, for the Monthly Low Board, and all in 1 week…I do think as said above in another post, 20 is too many per week… to me.

The Green MTTs, are perfect in green, and awesome there’s a new board for them… hopefully, that is perm. like the regionals.

After thinking about this all week, the 500 B&R is my personal favorite MTT, but it should be its own tourn. ( perhaps all 3 unlim rebuy MTTs should be fast/B&R, then be thier own promotion ). Since the BankrollBuilder series is for newer players, but not necessarilly NL hold’m… then perhaps give them 1 of each kind, so they can learn everything as they build thier bankrolls. Example…PL Hold’m 500 entry, ML Hold’m 1k entry, NL Hold’m 1.5k entry, PL Omaha 1k entry, ML Omaha H-L 1k entry, NL Royal 1k entry… so 4 of each per day…


Any reason week 1 has not " closed " and its day 7 of week 2 … please fix asap before week 2 needs to close…

Thanks for pointing this out! Checked in about this and it’s a small display bug that we’re going to get corrected. All tournament information is correct and payouts have gone out as normal.

[quote=“fizzymint, post:9, topic:6374”]
All tournament information is correct and payouts have gone out as normal
[/quote]No FIzzymint, I have not been paid, and I have been watching very carefully…
The Leaderboard didn’t close, therefore payouts never happened.

Double-checking on this and will have an answer for you soon. Will definitely make sure you get any rightful payouts! :moneybag:

Roflmao, I was just try’n to catch you yesterday before week 2 shudda closed.
my guess is it was 1 line of code, they forgot :
(in english) run the routine to close and pay off players… or some variable not toggle’d.

Our tech manager manually closed out the tournaments and all pay-outs should have gone out – for real now! :slight_smile: :money_with_wings:

Awesome Fizzy thanks, yes they are closed/paid out now,

Lets get back to the topic @ hand, shall we…

So, its been 2 weeks now… 2 wins for Jojo :+1: … ya bugger :head_bandage:
The Monthly Low Leaderboard has now become the BB monthly board …
Because the 3rd BB MTT was deleted, you now can play 1 of the 2 types, constantly every 2 hrs… right when 1 ends the next 1 starts… so you can rule if you are good at only 1 of them… ( please add back in the 1.5k or more to the BB series )
Top 20 ( weekly ) when the monthlies are only Top 40 … wow thats brutal as is, then add in ppl like Jojo who with 5 days left already has 25/20… in 2 days the dude chalked up 25 MTTs… thats just a blistering pace… I guess not for your average n00b, is it Mr. Replay…

Longterm, please Tweak the Bankroll Builder promotion…

I see now… Replay Poker Leaderboards are " Best of " … thats it. What I don’t understand yet… is, I have NO add-blockers yet see no adds… so chip purchases must fund the whole site. If it really is a band of 6 ppl, thats really kewl … yet at the same time, creative-ness seems to be stifled… iono, but my Kudos to the staff in that case…

WEEK 4: Mon, May 29 2017 to Sun, Jun 04 2017
Updated about 1 hour ago for 937 players

WEEK 3: Mon, May 22 2017 to Sun, May 28 2017
Updated about 17 hours ago for 3,782 players --------- should have closed already.

WEEK 2: Mon, May 15 2017 to Sun, May 21 2017
Final rankings for 3,902 players

WEEK 1: Mon, May 08 2017 to Sun, May 14 2017
Final rankings for 4,053 players

Fizzy, is this really how competent the staff really is ? They will be all over my butt for losing 100k to someone in about 18 hrs, yet they can’t fix the code in a Leaderboard so it closes correctly in what… 8 days ??? seriously ?

After 3 weeks, I can say that the BB promo is a failure … BankrollBuilder is designed for newer players with limited bankrolls, not for seasoned players to just hyjack them and bully around the newer players… best 20 per week, thats twice as brutal as monthly ( best 40 per month )… and you want NEW players to try and compete, get real !!!

There needs to be 4-6 different types, at the very least add back in the 1.5k… including NL, PL, ML, FL … The 500 B&R should be moved to its own MTT… In this case I’m also in favor of a cap on entry determined by bankroll… say anyone with more than 500k, can’t enter.

We just got last week’s results manually closed again – sorry for the delay! It’s been a peskier bug than expected, but we’re hoping that we’ll have it fixed to automatically close correctly next week.

Thanks again for all your feedback on this promotion. Since we’re a small team, it can take us a bit of time to evaluate and iterate based on the thoughts that players provide us. We read absolutely everything that’s posted on this forum and take it all into consideration, and we’ll be doing so with both the Bankroll Builder promo and our Gemstone Leagues. You and @Whittaker provided some really insightful comments along the way, and the feedback thread for those Leagues has been extremely productive.

I appreciate you hanging in there while our promotions and schedule continue to evolve. :slight_smile: