Bankroll Builder schedule seems off

Ever since Daylight Savings happened, the Bankroll Builder schedule seems off, as if some tournaments adjusted for the time shift and others didn’t. So now there will be two Bankroll Builders starting at the same time and two hour stretches where there are no BBs to play. Before, the BBs were stagged about one an hour.

Is the schedule change deliberate? A glitch to be fixed?

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Great question, and apologies on the lack of clarity here! Tournaments are scheduled in advance, and we don’t take DST into consideration at those periods. Because of this, a few tournaments will be on standard time, even after the DST changes. These lingering tournaments will correct themselves within a few days.

Well, I have no clue when to look anymore. :frowning: I am used to knowing that the rebuys are every two hours. I keep missing them. When do you foresee them being consistent?

I just double-checked on this with our Poker Ops team and the Bankroll Builders with rebuys will happen every odd hour Eastern Time. (They begin fifteen minutes after the hour.)

Very sorry for the confusion!

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