Bankroll Builder observation

Not a huge issue, but I notice that the seating number for the Bankroll Builders has changed since the May Day promotion ended. The 6:15 PST BB was always a 9 seater, as well as the 9:15 PST BB. Now they are both 6 seaters. Is this a glitch or a deliberate change?

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Oops! Nice catch – thanks for checking on this!

I just chatted with our Poker Ops Manager, who says that there are four tournaments, one each hour. A 6-handed rebuy, a 9-handed rebuy, a 6-handed non-rebuy, and a 9-handed non-rebuy. When he set them back up after the May Day promo, he swapped the 6 and 9 instances. It was unintentional, but we’re going to leave it as is.


Boo… I like the 9 seaters :slight_smile: