Bank Transactions in Replay

Has there been a change to the bankroll transaction page on the site. Today I can’t go back in my transactions further than 30 days or Aug’ 28th Kind of sucks if this is going to be the case but oh well. .

Ohhh Nooo, I think you’re right Dayman…
So much for keep’n stats now on my account… :((

I wonder how that effects @moofish 's app he wrote ??

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I’m glad I pulled my full bank history and put it in a spreadsheet when I did.

his extension is the same… noticed about a 1-1.5 months ago it only went back 30 days.

Yes, it looks like there was a change on the site

Ouch, this stings a bit for the resident statisticians. I’d be interested in seeing a reply by someone at Replay about this; I’m sure there’s a reason for it.


Agreed, if possible I would like to see the data restored. They should be exposing more data to users, not less!

Hi all! I reached out to our team to get a bit more info on this. It appears that the change was a slight error on our part while working to lighten the load on a different section of the site. We’ve submitted a report to the Tech Team to get it fixed up for you. :slight_smile:


I’m glad to hear that. I feared that the change could have been driven by load considerations, but I hope that there’s a way to manage load while still leaving the data accessible.

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