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Regarding Proposals 1 and 2 above, there has been a response from the membership both on the Stables and to me via private messages. It is the overwhelming consensus of the existing Donks that one of the criteria for membership should be that the applicant must have an RP ranking of better than 1000. Therefore, until we can determine a better objective method to measure a player’s skill, we will be adhering to this standard. All existing members who are not at that level shall remain bona fide members. Thank you to all members who expressed their opinion.

First of all, thank you for your interest in our league. It is easy to see that you have read the posts. We recognize that a player can buy a better RP ranking, and therefore a player’s quantity of chips do not correlate to the player’s skill level. Unfortunately at this time, it is the best quantitative method we have to ascertain skill, so we are only accepting new member applications from players who have a current ranking below 1000. Because of this inexact methodology, we have had to decline applications for membership from players who we know are VERY skilled players but may have recently taken a beating at a high stakes ring game and lost their bankroll. Until we develop a better objective measurement of skill, I will put you on our waiting list. Again, thank you for your interest in our league.

Our inaugural MTT at 7pm EDT Sunday is quickly approaching and I am getting excited to see all you Donks at our tables. Undoubtedly, at that time somebody will be coming to me complaining that they thought that their membership had been approved and they thought that they would eligible to play. If you want to be eligible to play in our inaugural MTT and be a charter member, you must have applied for membership by midnight EDT on 7/19/18. This will give us adequate time for approval and getting you into our system so you can participate in the inaugural event. If you are not sure whether you are a member, go to Badonk’s Donks in Leagues in the drop down menu and then click on the Members button. If you are not on this list then you are not an approved member. The easiest way to apply for membership is to post your request at this forum, what us Donks refer to as our Stable. Thank you for being interested in our league.

Badonk…this is Tomkat287…I want you as a friend…so document and
join me…………….looking forward to playing on same table…Tom

Yes I accept……………Tomkat287

By the power vested in me by the poker-gods, I now pronounce you kat and donk. Now go forth and multiply your chips.

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He did. Check your friends list. Glad to get a laugh :slight_smile:

Hey Head Donk, and Fellow Donks, Just got back from camping. Glad to see the leauge is up and running. Hopefully I’ll see all of you on Sunday. Good Luck all.

Hey Leader, mikesfnut would like to join. He is waiting for your friend request.

campingdude, he could just post here to state a desire to join, but long term it is better that we are friends so I have sent him the request.

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Ok my friend…this is kat…when can I register and under what tourney
and name………….send me message of Sunday’s game…looking forward
to it……………Kat man…………………………

this is horse-man, looking forward to the game.

Good! Thanks for the post.

As instructed, “I am Groot”. :slight_smile: Yes, I, Greyeyes1770, am a smartass and looking forward to playing with all you reprobates, liars, and thieves - my favorites people! You might consider Bromholm as well - a very good player and decent sort.

Greyeyes, just have him friend me and I’ll take it from there. :slight_smile:

Thank you to the 22 members who participated in the Badonk’s Donks’ Inaugural MTT.
Congratulations to BRICK52 for winning and Galak for coming in 2nd. SarahFra finished third and cottage3 finished 4th.
Player Allegiance? - My Donk hat is off to the player who got up and was ready to play at 6am local time!
Did the Females Outplay the Men? Two of the final five were female. I believe that is 50% of all the females who registered! Wassup guys?
All in all, I think the MTT went well, but perhaps there could be some tweeking here and there. Give me some feedback on the following:

  1. Proposal #3: Blinds - Should we consider changing the blinds from 5 minutes to 6 minutes? The MTT was finished in less than one hour.
  2. Proposal #4: Antes - Should we consider adding antes?
  3. Other - Other comments or suggestions are welcome.

Just some feedback, great turnout and game last night for the 1st one, congrats to those that placed. I think deff the blind levels were too short, needs to be minimum 6 minutes to 7 minutes max. The blinds krept up very fast even before the final table. I think players felt rushed to push their bets more during the final table or even before. The 6 and 9 peep sitngo tables i play last on average an hour and this lasted less than that with 22 players. It would also be nice to have games 2 times a week, maybe Sunday and Wed or Thursday if possible, and hopefully nightly when theirs enough players but i think at this point we have enough interest and players for 2 times a week. I dont think antes are a good idea yet, maybe in the future with longer games with more players. Just my opinion on all of this, feel free to elaborate or give feedback on this, Thx Ski

Yes, great turnout and game. I also agree with ski 5 min Levels are way too short. After 30 min of Play your 3k starting stack is only 10 big blinds forcing you to shove or fold and forcing some Players to (try to) bully the table. IMHO we should have 8 min blinds with antes like in the regular MTTs, tourney should last 1-1.5-2h to allow tournament play besides of folding or shoving.
Thanks for your hard work, Badonkidonk, I look forward to playing next Sunday (though it’s Mon 1am in my time Zone).

just my 2 €Cents


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Hey @Badonkidonk - I think you need to match the format to what you are trying to accomplish. The format you have now is essentially a turbo. Nothing wrong with that but it isn’t really the best format for people who want to test their skills against other good players. For that to happen you need more depth and longer blind levels. You have to give players some time to make moves before the blinds increase to push/fold territory.

The downside is that the games will take longer. I suppose you have to weigh the benefits of allowing for more advanced play against the time considerations. Perhaps poll the members and see how long they would be willing to play and reverse engineer it from there? If the majority say they are only willing to devote an hour max, then this is the format you are stuck with. If enough people are ok with 2 hours (or more), then you have room to expand starting stack sizes and lengthen blind levels.

Congrats to getting it off the ground and happy the 1st tournament was well attended.

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Proposal #3 - As can be seen, most members want longer blinds. So starting next Sunday (7/29/2018) we will be increasing the times of our blinds from 5 minutes to 7 minutes. After a period of time that may increase again to 8 minutes, Thanks for your feedback.
Proposal #4 - The decision regarding antes will be held until after there are more posts.
Proposal #5: MEMBERSHIP - We now have 40 league members. When we have 50 members, we are considering cutting off charter memberships. Here’s the idea:
After the cut off date, new members would only be granted a membership to the league by playing in and winning a qualifier tournament. We (as a group) would nominate 9 highly qualified RP players who would receive an invitation to play in the qualifier tournament. Then the winner of the tournament would receive an invitation to join our league. RP says that this could be accomplished. One thing that I like about it; there would be an even greater demand for RP players to become Donks. Tell me know what you think by posting below.