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Congratulations to all those who finished in the top 3 of each leaderboard


  1. whp0854 with 157,688 carrots
  2. Badonkidonk with 152,283 carrots
  3. -BlackWidow- with 148,219 carrots


  1. Badonkidonk with 162,073 carrots
  2. hessman with 147,418 carrots
  3. Dendit with 137,616 carrots


  1. Dorkupine with 132,254 carrots
  2. FatnSassy with 111,440 carrots
  3. lovelakeliven with 104,496 carrots


  1. TopSet with 124,952 carrots
  2. barredapollo with 114,683 carrots
  3. mayo_1506 with 108,212 carrots

These 6 Foals will advance to the Golden Donks League

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Congrats to all six of our newest Golden Donks, Best of luck to you in the next quarter, watch out for Badonkidonk, I think he palms cards…

Back in March, while discussing the concept of a 2nd tiered league, there was a major concern that we would not be able to populate it with even 10-20 new members. So how could we even think of “stealing” members from such a small new league by advancing its players to the larger Golden Donks League? To alleviate the potential problem, it was decided that each quarter we would only advance 6 Foals to become Donks, and we would replenish the Grey Foals League by “demoting” some Donks from the bottom of the leaderboard. That’s when our senior Donks went into action. They went on a recruiting crusade by talking up the league with their qualified RP friends who had a ranking of better than 2000. Also, while at the RP tables, they encouraged good quality players to join our leagues. Thanks to these senior Donks, we went from having a Foals league with zero members on April 1 to having an exciting and thriving league like we have today consisting of 52 extremely talented poker players!
Improvement #1 -
Our increased level of recruiting means that there is no longer a concern about an under-populated league. For this reason, effective immediately, there will be no “demoting” of Donks to the Grey Foals League. This policy will continue as long as we have more Foals than Donks at the end of each quarter.
Improvement #2
At the end of the 3rd quarter, we will be advancing 8 Foals (instead of just 6), to the Golden Donks League as follows:

  1. The 3 who finish at the top of the Sunday leaderboard
  2. The 3 who finish at the top of the Wednesday leaderboard
  3. The 2 who accumulate the most carrots on both leaderboards

Improvement #3 -
We feel that there were way too many Donks and Foals who got mathematically eliminated weeks before the end of the quarter. Moving forward, we want to keep more members in the hunt by intensifying the late competition. So for the final tournament of the quarter on 9/25/19 and 9/29/19, we will have 150% Carrot Tournaments. This means that we’ll be multiplying the carrot formula by 150% for the final tournament of the quarter. This is HUGE and could mean the ability to gain as much as 40,000 carrots on the leader in the final week of our quarterly competition!
We want to keep this league momentum going, so lets continue this outstanding level of recruiting and participating:

  1. Recruiting means getting RP players to send a friend request. It means messaging qualified friends to send a friend request. It means chatting with qualified opponents at the tables to send a friend request. Qualified means that they are ranked better than 2000. Afterwards, we will vette them on the Forum to be sure they are worthy of competing in the Foals League. Simply have them do a search for “Badonkidonk” and click on “ADD AS A FRIEND”. You can leave the rest to us. Or you can simply send them here:
  2. Participating simply means continuing to have fun with us at 7pm ET on Sunday and 9pm ET on Wednesday. On the final tournament of the quarter, we had 48 total registrants! That;s outstanding!!! All we ask is that you continue to participate in at least half of one of our weekly tournaments. We are offering 26 tournaments this quarter. That’s 13 on Sundays and 13 on Wednesdays. Try to break away from the stress of your lives at least 7 times in the next 90 days and enjoy the competition.

To all my friends and foes (you are all both…just at different times) good luck in the 3rd quarter!
With apologies for the lengthy but important post,


I very much like it, as a matter of fact, I think you (or I) should have replay staff pay attention to what is going on here & try to incorporate it into there own site, As an event or regular tourney. Possibly with different prizes or maybe purchasing points (carrots) for memorabilia & paraphilia, Like coffee cups, t-shirts, and other self valued ruminants of our ventures on the Replay Poker site. I am sure it will be the biggest in the world within a year or three.

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Very nice post BD. You have done a great job. I really enjoy playing in your league and one thing I will add to what you have posted, is how nice all the members are. Basically just good poker and good friends. Almost never any whining and chat is friendly, some kidding and mostly all in very good spirits. Thanks for all your efforts and all the work you do in making it go.


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Thank you for the comments and your continuing participation.

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Thanks Badonk for the scouting effort. I had no clue this league existed. Thank you Chuck Cox and Maine Cats for reaching out to me! I look forward to playing in the group! Helen

All I want to say is “Ditto” to what Seville just said.:grinning:

Hey everyone! This is my first post here, I was invited a while back but somehow missed the messages so this week will be my first foray into the fight. Super excited to have some high caliber hands with all of you!

Just putting it out there that I can definitely make %50(min) of the tournys. So please start the induction period. Also, what exactly does that entail? Is there anything I need to do?

Reply to XPusher32
We appreciate your enthusiasm. See the next post.

Here is a new nominee for our Grey Foals League. If an existing member knows of any reason why this nominee should not be inducted into our league, please message me or post here in our Forum. Otherwise, they will be inducted on 7/5 and be eligible to play in their first tournament at 7pm on Sunday 7/7/19.
Accepting our invitation to join the Grey Foals League is:
XPusher32 (currently ranked 125)
If any other RP player is interested in learning more about our league, post here or send a friend request.

Reply to both elanoftroy and edjer54
Thank you for the post.

Reply to XPusher32
We hope that our private message answered all your questions. There is nothing more you need to do, but register to play in your first tournament on Sunday and you will be able to do that on Friday after you are inducted.

Many thanks to Badonk and all the great Donks…I’m so happy to see our league growing strong! I am a believer that the Donks are becoming the best MTT players on this site. I originally came to RP to get more hand experience in an effort to improve play at my local live MTT. At first I was not convinced RP was providing this with all the loose action and questions about random card dealing and such. I hung around long enough to find places on RP that serves my original purpose, with my Donk membership becoming the best place to do this! For a student of the game, the quality of play of us Donks has really improved my MTT play…thank you all! I have been crushing in 100k/250k/1m MTTS…With such great format, nice players, and creative leadership, a serious player will thrive here in our weekly tourneys…Good luck to all! (you’ll need it fer sher) Be well always. Your friend Goldie ;}



Click on the blue wording below to access the entire leaderboard for each league

BTW we are all extremely proud of our Foals who advanced at the end of the 2nd quarter. In their first MTT in the Golden Donks League, they finished at a composite average of 11th place which is better than the 12th place median. FatnSassy even made it to the Final Table… OUTSTANDING PLAY!!!


Accepting our invitation to join the Grey Foals League are the following:
puggywug (currently ranked 1960)
Barterminea (currently ranked 291)
As usual, if an existing member knows of any reason why these nominees should not be inducted into our leagues, please message me or post here in our Stables. Otherwise, they will be inducted on 7/8 and be eligible to play in their first tournament at 9pm ET on Wednesday 7/10/19.
If any other RP player is interested in learning more about our league, post here or send a friend request.
Thanks to chuckcox for his tireless work nominating both of these qualified players to help ensure that our Grey Foals League continues to grow.

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On July 7, 2018, a message was sent out to a handful of respected Replay Poker players, including chuckcox, hessman, Oltop and Reesepiece plus others and Badonk’s Donks was born. Although at that time we were still nameless, the first tournament was started at exactly 6:59pm ET on Sunday July 8. Invitees all stood by and signed onto a single SnG table simultaneously, because we had no league. From those humble beginnings our league has grown to what it is today, having 89 (soon to be 91) respected and respectful members, playing twice weekly in two different tiered leagues with 4 (soon to be 6) different leaderboards.
Regardless of whether you’ve been around since the beginning or maybe today is your first tournament. Whether you participate consistently in each tournament every week or maybe you just play occasionally. Whether you’ve been heavily involved with recruiting new members or maybe you’ve only mentioned it to one person. Whether you’re in the western hemisphere and playing at a reasonable hour or maybe you’re halfway around the world and playing in the early morning hours. No matter your level of involvement, the league wants to take this opportunity to express appreciation for the countless hours of enjoyment that you’ve given me and others, because it couldn’t have happened without every single one of you.
Thank you,

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