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Congratulations KM

Its a shame most working people in the UK can only get to play 2 of the 4 games due to the 2nd game start time.

Huge Congrats @KirbyMuckIt, known you for quite a while…a true gentleman and awesome player…well deserved…epic win!!!

Fellow Donks, please send a warm welcome to @Poolski, @molyman, @TheMick, and @jerssad who have recently joined the Donks. Thank you to @chuckcox and @MCcats for recruiting.

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Congrats - well earned.

Thanks everyone, had a great time meeting new Donks!

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Time to play. Good Luck to all!!

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If I am not mistaken that is a HORSE…

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I would like to recognize and congratulate the following players for their outstanding play during the month of February 2023. CactusKatie in Gold and @nateogreato in Silver. Each led their respective leagues in best 9 points earned during the month. Honorable mention goes out to Naffy in Gold and @Trish-da-Fish in Silver for their 2nd place finishes as well. Congratulations to all and keep up the excellent play. The results for February can be found using the link shown below. These stats are compiled using publicly available data from Replay. Also a big shout out to 12beat22 for encouraging his fellow Donks to play well and play often.
Congratulations to @KirbyMuckIt for your Donks All in Championship for the quarter. It is always a pleasure playing against you.


Thanks for the kind words Goat. February was a solid month for me and I hope to be able to continue in this vein.


Oops, I wasn’t even drinking. I have had a lousy month of scary accidents with the family. Guess I can blame them lol. Just kidding. They are related, right?

The March 2023 Donk of the Month

It is time again for our Donk of the Month, an award given to a member that makes contributions of service to the league, demonstrates exceptional skill at the table, or has a strong positive influence on the members.

This member joined the league in April of 2019 in the Silver Donks tier and advanced to Gold after winning the 2020 Q4 Silver Donks Wednesday 9PM leaderboard. They are a member of the Hee Hawl of Fame (did I get that right?) and of the 500 club. Twice they have come a hairs breadth away from winning a Golden crown, coming in 2nd in the 2021 Q3 Golden Donks Wednesday 9PM leaderboard, and again coming in 2nd on the 2022 Q4 Golden Donks Wednesday 9PM leaderboard.

This Donk also finished 2nd on the 2022 Q4 Tournament of Champions leaderboard and, with 608 games, 183 final tables and 9 wins, is one of our most active members, and played in his 600th leage game this February (the 3rd highest total in the league).

I’d also like to extend a warm congratulations for the wonderful news that he has also recently defeated cancer.

With that I am happy to be able to announce @Shadowone as this month’s Donk of the Month.


Thanks to @Mahvelous for the work on this award and many others.


Indeed, they are related, I hope you and your family are doing well, be safe!


Congratulations Shadowone…you are always a gentleman at the tables.


Congrats @Shadowone !!! Very nice deserving award.


Congrats Shadowone, beating Cancer? You did that, there is nothing you can’t do! You are also a great poker player!

God Bless You and God Loves You!


Congrats on the award and so very happy for you in winning your fight. Many happy years ahead.


Congratulations Shadow, well-deserved, it’s always a pleasure to be at a table with you.


Congratulations to Katie and Nateo for their outstanding play in February. And I want to offer my congratulations as well to Naffy, Trisha and Kirby. I have the chance to play with these players and it’s always a pleasure to be at a table with them. Well-deserved recognition.


Thank you all for the honor and the kind words. I am very proud to be in this league and having such wonder full friends.