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@ahured (Allen) Welcome back !!!

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Welcome back Allen…the sky is indeed falling…lol

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Well it seems we have 2 POTM’s this month…welshterrier in Silver and @Josianne in Gold. Well deserved to both and both had an awesome month of January. Big Congrats to you both…


Also well done @Goatsoup for recognizing these 2 players and what they accomplished…


The February 2023 Donk of the Month

Once again it is my pleasure to announce this month’s Donk of the Month, an award given to a member that makes contributions of service to the league, demonstrates exceptional skill at the table, or has a strong positive influence on the members.

Our Donk of the Month joined in June of 2021 in the Silver Donks tier. In Q1 of 2022 they won 2 Silver Crowns by winning the Silver Donks Sunday 3PM and Composite leaderboards, and earned their way into our HHoF and Gold tier.

This Donk is one of our most active members, having played in 339 games in less than 2 years. They have also reached the final table 57 times, and finished first 11 times.

With that, it is my pleasure to announce @vickik1117 as the February Donk of the Month.

Once again a big thank you to @flashlight_gt for all of these great awards.


@vickik1117 Congrats !!! on becoming Donk of the Month well deserved award


Congratulations Vicki, well deserved award and it’s always a pleasure to be at a table with you.


congrats to all the winners- well deserved and always a joy to play at the same table with you.


Thank you very much for this honor. Our donks league is such a great way to play poker, learn and have fun. I am truly grateful and thankful.


Goat said that if I returned to Donks that I could join him on the nominating committee for DOTM. I am starting to wonder if he had been fully sanctioned to recruit members to the nomination committee. Can anyone clarify?


Lol bud … I don’t think there is a committee or if there is the minions should not know … But I might let u borrow my Magic 8 Ball or get u a Lottery Ticket :slight_smile:

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Congratulations Vicki on your award, February Donk of the Month for 2023! :trophy:


@BlackWidow To have forum posts removed
that recognize, congratulate, and/or praise other players, such as by @Goatsoup , @12beat22 , @ChicagoSerbs honoring @Josianne , @welshterrier , @Johnoliver , @G4LLON, is an insult to all. The forum is open to all and anyone can recognize anyone else and should be encouraged. Rewarding someone for their outstanding play by presenting a virtual award hurts no one, and it makes the recipient feel more like they accomplished something worthwhile, which they did. You are not recognizing outstanding play in this league, so it’s up to others to do so. Your actions of not even addressing the posts, but simply having them removed, is shameful and disgusting, and are the actions of a cowardly dictator, not a leader. You should resign immediately.

I find myself wondering what on earth you are even talking about. I’d thought none of us, including BlackWidow, even actually have the ability to remove posts. If posts are being removed, I don’t believe it is BlackWidow doing it.

I find it more than a little alarming the speed with which you seem to draw conclusions, and that from them, you then go so far as to suggest that Black Widow should resign immediately.

BlackWidow has so much more patience than I think I do, and has done so much work in support of this league. I hope this is just some kind of joke that I’m not following, but I find myself more offended by this post than by anything else I’ve seen on Replay in quite a few years.


I was told by the forum moderator that the league organizer asked for the posts to be removed, no joke.

Please explain why u would be offended by such a post when u had no idea what was going on. Furthermore tell us members what exactly has this person done to improve the league in anyway besides a bit of fluff. I will not hold my breath b/c the answer is absolutely nothing Period, They have kept the books up to par but many others can do that. This Hero Worship BS is ridiculous and is a determent to the league.

After admitting that awarding a DOTM based on subjectivity could hurt the league u went and did it again!!! Being treated like children whom should just do as they are told is an insult to Every Adult member of this league.

So honestly based on a true track record and the way they have totally dismissed players concerns or opinions by simply having them removed. An Apology and explanation of why they feel they can treat their fellow members with such distain might be a start but if they r not capable of doing so then someone else should take the role whom is willing to treat the members as equals.

@Yorunoame do u feel that members recognizing other members for their outstanding play is in anyway a bad thing and be discouraged?

Why were any of these posts asked to be removed by The League Coordinator if they were not offensive but were totally positive??

Snowman, lets be honest here, when Goat made those posts, he knew there would be blowback, that was his whole purpose, although I might agree with his selections, it is not the way the DOM is selected, there are guidelines and Yorunoame is the person who does the selecting, so just because we have an idea of how it should go, does not make us right, the right thing to do is support Yoruoame, he took on the responsibility. Not a bad choice he made. Remember what is important, it is not our choice to make. You also said Widows actions of not even addressing the posts?
basically did, removed them, why would Widow have to take the time to address something that shouldn’t have been there, nothing wrong with encouraging, it is great to encourage others, however it was pure deception, others probably thought that those were the recipients, I for one did, not only did Goat do it, he then proceeded to do it again, really he was just trying to honor someone? Lets be real, he was trying to get to Widow.This league is a good league, so why can’t we just go with what Widow has put in place. I would question who should do the resigning, maybe the ones who don’t like what Widow is doing. I don’t agree with everything Widow does, but Widow gives up precious time for us, we should respect it, Norris always thought highly of you, I know you are trying to get a new league started, well you can run that your way, but please don’t try to bring dissention to this one…


Take care all.

What the heck r u talking about don’t in anyway assume my actions were nothing but pure, I did not in anyway expect “blowback” and have received much positive feedback for doing a good thing including @12beat22 . I reposted it b/c @12beat22 told me to bud. There was no deception involved. U r truely out in left field here

LOL, sorry have no money, not buying it, also John told you to repost so you did it, John and I are best friends, so we may disagree here, but it won’t affect our relationship, You could have just let DOMS run its course, but you thought you would post yourself, not considering the people who it may affect. Sorry Goat, you are totally wrong and if you weren’t trying to get to Widow, why didn’t you ask first. So I disagree with you, oh and BTW, not left field, but a SS and Pitcher, now coaching in my 38th year.