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I had no desire to enter this exchange, but @Goatsoup is forcing me to as he has clearly misstated my position in this matter.

I do not agree at all that the choice of recipients of any of our Donks awards is arbitrary. There is a big difference between a decision being arbitrary and a decision being influenced by a considerable amount of subjectivity. The latter leaves a lot of room for decision criteria (including objective criteria), the former does not. Describing the DotM as arbitrary and meaningless is frankly just a slap in the face of every volunteer who was ever involved in the selection and announcement of the DotM and every Donk who has ever received a DotM award for their service and achievements.

For the record, I agree that Galak’s post was inappropriate and rightly removed (as he acknowledged himself).

I’m getting really tired of this pointless fighting that seems to light up every couple of months. I’m trying to stay away from it as much as I can. I have a limited amount of time and energy that I can spend on the Donks, and I’d rather spend it on something productive. I would recommend to every Donk to do the same.

Lastly, I beg all Donks:

  • Be respectful towards each other.
  • Think about whether your post adds anything positive to the discussion. If it doesn’t, consider not posting at all.
  • Make an effort to clearly mark your opinions as opinions. Don’t try to portray your opinions as facts or the truth.
  • Utilise common sense rules of being nice. This is a forum to discuss in a civilized manner all things Donks; it is not a war territory.

Thanks Tiggs for ur response hope all is well with u. This time amazingly the upper management even added in that such subjectivity given rewards "can lead to controversy, which can lead to hurt egos, which can lead to drama, which can hurt the league. " Yet sadly in the next breath they would not want to hurt the League once a year they would rather it possibly happen 12 times. Not quite sure how this makes sense but whom am I to question such logic?

Sorry if u feel that way and if the meaning of the words are the difference that are really interchangeable. That is how u are going to cover this up?? U say that is a slap in the face to all former recipients. What about the slap in the face to the member whom may have felt slighted? What about future players. U say u want no drama then why create such every month?

I had not responded on this forum for a long long time and the 1st time I do I get attacked.

Sorry I was not able to change the post that I made to @Galak the mistake of assuming your choice of words and mine were the same. My bad and it will not happen again. I guess I will go back to my seat now and await for u to make a positive decision regarding the league that is not just fluff. :slight_smile:

Transparency seems to be the issue here, send a message to ALL the Donks with a list of Donk of the month contenders and a box next to each name so that people can vote for their choice, this behind the doors thing don’t seem fair.

DOTM is presented by @Yorunoame with input from possibly BW or a couple others. I may be wrong but I trust they make the best possible choice. In my opinion EVERY previous DOTM is more than worthy of receiving it. Opening it to a “poll” of all members, as has been proven in the past, is a no win solution. Also, if anyone thinks for one second it’s easy to run this league, you are sadly mistaken. When BW took over, BW was the obvious choice for many reasons and has done a remarkable job of keeping the league running. There’s a lot more to it than you think…


I do not believe there were any nominations taken so how can u say that? Keeping the books is great and all but please stop

Enough with the patronizing john, you are making me nauseous.


NO one wants me to rant…believe me…

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WOW! You like dry humor? We gonna get along just fine :slight_smile:

@Malism already expressed problems with Donks’ members play, and has left the very first tourney he/she joined in the very beginning of the tourney. It was a really confusing situation. He had issues with player’s limping, while not attempting to punish them for such limping a single time.
Just FYI, so not sure if we will see him again… although I do hope we do.

If he does not know by now that players limping is an opportunity to exploit, he simply does not belong in the league, poker 101, punish the limpers!

Fellow Donks, please send a warm welcome to @RipTokes, @ituric, and @Iolana31 who have recently joined the Donks. Thank you to @RavenL for recruiting.


Limping is a problem everywhere on Replay, except sometimes at the highest stakes. If you can’t tolerate it you’re on the wrong site.

Fellow Donks, please send a warm welcome to @dexlee42 who has recently joined the Donks.


ChicagoSerbs joins the 500 club

The 500 club consists of all Donks who have shown outstanding dedication to the league by playing in at least 500 league games.

It is my privilege to present to you @ChicagoSerbs as the latest member of the 500 club. ChicagoSerbs joined the Donks in June 2019 in the Silver Donks tier. After about 2 quarters in Silver, he advanced to the Golden Donks tier by winning the 2019 Q4 Silver Donks Wednesday 9PM leaderboard. This also earned him a Silver crown and the induction into our Hee Hawl of Fame. He played 37 games in 2019, 156 games in 2020, 141 games in 2021, 152 games in 2022, and 14 games to date in 2023.

ChicagoSerbs is one of our most active members and always very cordial at the tables.

With that, I’d like to congratulate ChicagoSerbs and wish him all the best for his next 500 league games. ChicagoSerbs is now eligible to wear the classic Donks avatar with the 500 club logo and his Silver crown:

Many thanks to @flashlight_gt for creating this avatar.

500 club


Very good, Serbs…about time. Well deserved.

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@BlackWidow, this milestone wouldn’t have been obtainable unless BW
stepped in and become League Organizer. I want to thank BW for the new ideas and dedication to our league. Also @flashlight_gt (Lyle) for creating this avatar.


@chuckcox, yea I know took awhile. Thanks for your kind words.

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