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Galak is no simpleton. Didnt see his post but really, name calling? Be better than that.


Thanks Tom, I’ve been called worse :smiley: … and it was DeepL

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Maybe u should have the whole story before u comment bud … Here is a copy of what was responded to by @Boricua25

Your stupidity coupled with arrogance and insolence is getting worse and worse, Chris … and this from someone who is broke for the umpteenth time. Spare us with your crap.

That doesn’t justify the comment but it does give it more context

That is the response I received for stating the obvious

My rather rude post was removed rightfully. But in hindsight we seem both stated the obvious.

Simpleton was a very kind word compared to the way he insulted goat. Trust me on this if I found his post despicable and it was taken down, that should tell you something. The guy has no decency to apologize either, SAD…

All, it was suggested that BW be named DOY, many believe that should be, some think not because they believe the award should have certain guidelines that don’t match with others, BW has already said there will not be an award for that, everyone who commented has their own point of view. When someone gives their point of view it is going to differ from others somehow, doesn’t make them wrong, we are all allowed to have opinions. Name calling shouldn’t happen but it did, if anyone disagrees with Galak comments I understand, but know this, he is a friend of BWS’ he is defending his friend like we would ours, everyone of you are right in YOUR own way, you are all good poker players with different opinions. I hope we can leave it like that and move on, By the way Chris, I was one who was involved in the so called love fest and I am sure it looked that way, I value my friends, I value what everyone brings to the table. Chris I will say this about you, you give your honest opinion, and you know someone will come back at you. None of us need to be negative, all it does is create division.
So here is what I am going to do, I am going to pray for this league and everyone in it, that we can put our differences aside and have fun, also, if what I just said struck a nerve, then friend me and we can discuss, but we don’t need to keep this going. Also this is not fair to the person who is trying to keep all of us in this league and to enjoy the competition, BW is innocent in all of this, Michael I really respect what you tried to do, don’t change.

You all take care!
God Bless You and God Loves You!

That was well said rick, thank you for that. Some people are “diplomatic” about their opinions and others like goat and myself are not, it takes all kinds to make the world turn as they say. I may be “rough” around the edges, but I have no problem apologizing when I am in the wrong, the response about goat’s opinion was totally unwarranted and my response described how I felt what kind of person would react in that matter. BW has a high intellect by letting the site moderators take down offensive material in the chat and not getting involved, I respect that very much, thank you for that. I totally agree it is time to leave this behind us and this will be my last comment on the matter.

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Wait a second here. My comment about the awards was just stating the truth about the awards and was not in anyway directed at BW. Whom I agree for such an honor.

How do u get Galacks comments as defending anybody??

Exactly why would ANYBODY agree with such a comment??

So u are saying that he is right in his own way with such a comment??

A comment that after Deep Reflection and Intellectual Exploration has Doubled Down on

Please explain this to me b/c I am seriously missing something here

I await for your response Chris aka The Goat :goat: :slight_smile:

Chris, I will respond to you in a pm, I don’t want to carry this on, I am hoping we will put this to rest.
Boricua, it does take all kinds to make the world turn, however rough around the edges, it is still your opinion.

God Bless You and God Loves You!

What do you understand here … That I am Stupid??

@pokerrick I totally agree with this part. However, this part, “if anyone disagrees with Galak comments I understand, but know this, he is a friend of BWS’ he is defending his friend…” I don’t understand what you mean here. Goat did not say anything about BW, so there was no defense of her by Galak. He pure and simply just called Goat names and attacked him, which was uncalled for. It amazes me that every time someone (esp Goat) posts an opinion on this forum that differs from others, someone feels the need to attack them rather than discuss the situation. Just sad, really sad.

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Fellow Donks, please send a warm welcome to @GunnerBiggs, @Grimsheeper, @Malism, and @gigiluvu who have recently joined the Donks. Thank you to @chuckcox and @maweilen for recruiting.

@Goatsoup wow - its seems when you have a voice it is taken as a drama when others have a voice its is treated as a voice. Sorry to read that post from Galek (was not expecting that and its not ok ) and sorry to see the keyboard Karen’s getting involved

Hope you ok sunshine and you continue to play like the champ you are :slight_smile: xxx


I need me a supportive woman like you Tiggs, :frowning:


10 $ me love you long long time xxx

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Cant afford you Tiggs, you are high maintenance, I’m just a poor sap.

haha but what counts is your are a nice poor sap :slight_smile: Stay Gold Mr B

Thanks babe!

@pokerrick, I am very disappointed that you have refused to clarify your earlier statement. It appears that you condone the insults that Galak directed towards me. It hurts me deeply that a man of God, like yourself, would condone such behavior.

If you indeed do not condone Galaks statement, then please state so for all to see

This is a simple request from One man of God to another and then your part in this matter can be closed

God Bless

I see that u now see that I was correct in my observation, So I have a couple questions for u

  1. What gave u the right to attack me in such a manner and why?

2)Since BW agrees that these awards are arbitrary like I said do the same comments apply to them … If not … Why not?

I would not expect any kind of apology from u as I realize that maybe above ur level of decency and that is fine.

I know that answering these questions might be hard for u b/c it will require u putting together an original thought without stooping to name calling so please do your best

Hopefully ur granting me a Sliver your Intellect and Wisdom will help me understand why this happened and become a better Human being. I Thank You in advance for that

Lastly I feel that I hurt u in some manner and if that is so I am sorry

My Dad use to say to me “Son remember the Dog doesn’t throw the Frisbee”

Hope to hear from u soon and best of luck at the tables

The Goat :goat: :slight_smile: