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Fellow Donks, please send a warm welcome to @bshirt who has recently joined the Donks. Thank you to @chuckcox for recruiting.


How to be a member in the silver donks? If i am welcome?

Contact chuckcox or Black Widow who is the League Organizer Johan…

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I Heve send you a friend request earlier today! Merry Christmas!!!

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hrc54 becomes the tenth member of the 500 club

The 500 club consists of all Donks who have shown outstanding dedication to the league by playing in at least 500 league games. In today’s Tournament of Champions, the tenth Donk in history qualified for this club.

It is my privilege to present to you @hrc54 as the latest member of the 500 club. hrc54 joined the Donks in June 2019 in the Grey Foals tier. He advanced to the Golden Donks tier in 2021 Q3 by finshing high on the Composite leaderboard. He played 36 games in 2019, 102 games in 2020, 175 games in 2021, and 187 games to date in 2022.

As the stats above show, hrc54 is one of our most active members, and he’s always a pleasure to be at a table with.

With that, I’d like to congratulate hrc54 and wish him all the best for his next 500 league games. hrc54 is now eligible to wear the classic Donks avatar with the 500 club logo:


Many thanks to @flashlight_gt for creating this avatar.

500 club


Awesome , Bob,(@hrc54), Congrats, & well deserved.

Thanks so much Raven. Time goes by- 3.5 years. Anyway, so many great players-
thanks again.



Fellow Donks, please send a warm welcome to @Kondrad and @40caliber who have recently joined the Donks. Thank you to @RavenL for recruiting.


congrats - always nice to see you at the tables -

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Kondrad, welcome to the league friend! The best of luck to you!


2022 Q4 Awards and Advancing Silvers

Please comment here rather than in the league results and updates thread.


Congrats to all crown winners…crowns just aren’t easy to get so well done. A very, very special shout out to MCcats{Priscilla} on her crown in Gold. She’s wanted this for a very long time and she earned it. Welcome all to the HOF…


Congrats to all the winners - well done.


Snow - thats some nice bling - congrats


Congrats snit. The crown is back home in Canada where it belongs.


Took him 43 games to get the “crown” nothing special there…hes an O.K. player.

2022 European and American Annual Championships

@Boricua25 your statement about @snitty is incorrect. @snitty won two crowns which one of them is the Wednesday 9pm Championship which is 12 games, Which I consider a fantastic accomplishment. You need an attitude adjustment


Boricua - coming from a poker star like yourself - thank you for your thoughts. I do find it funny that you heckle me even though you have never won a crown - and possibly not even a tourney in SILVER. I can see your anger management sessions have not been going well - maybe double up the appointments with your therapist - it can only help - good luck with that. I feel the composit crown is the hardest to win as it combines top 9 scores of all tourneys in the quarter - and considering the top notch talent that plays in Gold - I am damn proud of my crown. I understand you may still be upset that I knocked you out of all donks in - but - get over it - you will have a another chance to get me soon in the next all donks in tourney. Or even better - improve your play and move up to gold where you have 4 chances a week to play me. In case you didnt know - winning 1 tourney in gold is an accomplishment - let alone winning a crown - and to win the composit - is for me a very big accomplishment which i am proud of. Hopefully in the future we can meet at the tables - not just you heckling me from the stands but actually sitting and playing . Ps - so i guess any crown winner in silver and gold for that matter should not be proud of the win - SORRY - you are wrong - ALL crown winners should be very happy with their accomplishment - Bor - your true colors are showing and it doesnt look good on you. By dissing my accomplishment is dissing your Silver crown winners as well - you sure know how to give a compliment - lol


You know @snitty, you are 1000% correct. I’ve been in Donks a long time and to win any crown of any color is an awesome achievement. I totally agree with you about the Composite crown…toughest to win…period. So, instead of down playing the accomplishments of crown winners…how about doing it yourself B. It ain’t easy and CONGRATS to all crown winners…without a doubt you deserve it. Oh, and I CAN talk…I have 4.