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Thank you SB. The Donk’s League presents you with this Donk of the Month award.
Congratulations. Feel free to use it in any way you wish.

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Dang, I came in second in the voting again?
Always the bridesmaid…

Congrats SugarBlossom!!!

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Well deserved @sugarblossom , CONGRATULATIONS WOHOOOOOO!!!


I just think I need to say that just b/c I happen to believe that a little tweek to this hard work done by the crew will give this new ship a chance to sail … in no way do I NOT appreciate the hard work that has been done to get it to this stage … and by reading your replay it seems that b/c I may have a little different idea mine should be dismissed w/out any further research for some reason b/c I am not one of the cool kids or a member of the original click … and it seems that it is more important here not to ruffle any feathers then to have a different opinion using a fresh set of non bias eyes … I miss the world when adults could disagree and work together to find the best solution and not take it personal or get their feeling hurt and need to be coddled.

If anyone would look at this in reality … The proposed format is asking for the participants to dedicate approximately 6 to 8 hours where 4 to 5 hours would be “dead” time spent watching and cheering on their teammates every week to this one promotion for not just 12 weeks but an on going situation … Replay this year had about 80 teams out of a pool of many thousands and still had many teams not be able to finish and they were asking for a one day one time dedication of 2 to 3 hours for 12 weeks once a year played on Saturday when Replay determined would get the most participants using their vast amount of data … The pool being targeted here is around 200 max whom many are already playing a vast array of team games and the Donk games twice a week … but the real pool is much smaller given the participation rate of less then 60% in those games which are played at a time determined by the largest % within this pool that being the USA … I personally had many messages w/Golden Donkey regarding how the RTC was set up and he explained to me how many of the decisions were determined by them using the vast amount of data at their disposal he seems to be a very nice guy w/a open mind. When looking at these facts it is easy to determine that the 3 day format will have a high burnout rate given the pool being mined and the times that are being proposed.

I didn’t know there was a “click” here. Can I join it? Hell, I don’t know, maybe I’m already unintentionally a part of it, if there really is one.

We hope that all Golden AND Silver Donks feel invited and comfortable making suggestions for league improvements. If we don’t continually improve this league, I’ll get bored. So keep the comments and suggestions coming and if there’s a click, com’on in. You can start by helping us run things.

Right now, we’re looking for about 7 more Ambassadors. There’s just one qualification. You must think positively.

Well Thank you Sir … but if you don’t see the “click” format and how the “pc” culture is a determining factor it is simply b/c no one has pointed it out b/c most don’t care to be possibly blackballed … which is how any desenter are treated in the world we live in today

Who’s been blackballed?
I guess there could always be a first time for everything.

I said possibly Sir … and as we know that is what happens in society today … facts are facts but in the “pc” world where the word NO is a 4 letter word and the loudest voice in the room wins b/c no one wants to “offend” anyone … it is what it is

And on this subject at hand my facts will show true … so my suggestion is not to try to reinvent the wheel and go with the system that Replay has tested and seems to be working out … The numbers are looking you right in the face … but the not wanting to “offend” anyone will be the downfall here … A solid foundation is needed here and this is being built on Wish Bones

Is that some type of half handed threat? lol

Prior to your two most recent posts, I sent you a private message in hopes that we could take this conversation there.

So YOU feel the need to comment on a post I created to Priscilla and John? A post where I did not mention you at any point! Now tell me please, who is taking things personal? In no way, shape or form was my post offended by anything but simply a “Thank you” to two people who I personally think created something I wanted to credit them for. If you can read anything else please do show me.
I don´t consider myself being a cool kid nor in any click. Now go ruffle someone elses feathers as I have no intension of getting into a pissing contest with you. You were not a part of my post whatsoever


Goat - your input and energy around this league discussion have been very valuable to John and me. We posted the concept to get feedback - and it is great when people take the time to offer ideas. Several people love the idea of three different days because if we played on, say, a weekend day - even at three different times - that might mean they couldn’t play at all because of family stuff or work, etc. But the days and times we have suggested so far are strictly “for example” and I think the teams that sign up to play could help decide the final schedule. Obviously it shouldn’t conflict with any TPP or Donk tournaments. We’ll digest all the feedback we got and then send a proposal to RP Monday so we can get up and running and really screw it up! This will be a work in progress, as all new leagues have been. So calling all “beta” players! I think if we get off the ground RP will become more flexible and, if we wish to go to a one-day one start-time format, approve it. Goat - I hope you will play so you can continue to offer feedback. That is the only way this is going to be as successful as The Donks and TPP. (This thing still needs a name! )


Sugar - you rock! Well deserved! Wear it with pride. :slight_smile:

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Partners in Crime

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Hmm. I like that. Going with the barnyard theme that came up today during the League game, I thought of The Stable Muckers. (Which also raises the possibility of The Unstable Muckers.)


The Leagues Challenge Results - 1st August - 3rd Quarter 2020

The Donks 45 : Team Play Poker 10

Quarterly Leaderboard :

The Donks 134 (3) : Team Play Poker 86 (1)

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Fellow Donks please send a warm welcome to PRIMETIME708 and ElDude who are new to this great community and can play their very first game in Silver League today. Also a big thank you to @chuckcox and @marlon2305 for recruiting

Good luck all and have fun :slight_smile:

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welcome PRIMETIME and ELDUDE…enjoy!!!

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Thanks for the invite. I see some very good players here and already know a few. I look forward to the competition and will try hard to beat the best players.
Real quick stuff about me. Born and raised on south side of Chicago, the youngest of 7, am a 11 hcp in golf ( will be worse until completely healed.) have 2 beautiful grand kids, and work at a casino as a mechanic ( not slots ) AC, refrigeration, food service etc.


Welcome to the Donk community, but I guess LadyCon didn;t tell you that you can’t be a Sox Fan to be Donk. Just kidding !!! LoL. What casino did you work at. I just retired from Horseshoe Casino Hammond nine months ago and I also live in the southeast side of Chicago You will enjoy being Donk. !!