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You know Goat, I appreciate your honesty. Yes, you can’t please everyone. And no, I DO take all suggestions and try to see how it will work within our concept of this league. And finally, yes, ultimately Priscilla and I will make the final decisions, but not without listening to you all. The toughest job in this…Badonks, because he truly tries to please as many as he can. Impossible. But his final decision does not come without LISTENING to all of us. He then can make the BEST decision for the benefit of this league, I’m simply, and Priscilla, trying to follow that mold. Like I said it ain’t easy, but I’ve got the ear of some very knowledgeable people and together we’ll do what WE feel is best. This league is going to be a lot of fun, but competitive. So please keep your suggestions and ideas coming.

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i love that we can all say how we feel and no matter what there will drama after… I do believe and thats me and my gut feel we should replicate the RTC the reasons:

  • its so exciting
  • better than netflix
  • you become so team team team and its all about the team

TP on Saturday is very close to this same feeling you get - Replay created RTC and anybody who has played it , I am sure you get what I am saying its the best ever.

If we can do the same format for Donks… hmmm just imagine how frigging good it would be

Maybe I am wrong - no idea but I am saying this from my heart and what I love, the RTC numbers and the competition got bigger this year, I think more people will join the donks league to be part of it

If we run it to often I think its to much - every quarter - or even less - make it a Big one. Its hard for a lot of people to make commitments to regular play with all the other leagues and TP

A league is great but for now i think we should not make such the commitment, trial it as a one off - learn from it, listen to feedback, optimize and see whats next

I have no idea what is best can only say how I feel

Tiggs xx

I am reluctant to volunteer my time mainly because I don’t have the ability to commit to another league, and I’m not interested in doing leaderboards for another league if I’m not playing in it.

That said, my leaderboards are copyable, and I don’t mind if someone wants to make a copy, study it, delete the data out of it, and use it, either as-is, or borrowing ideas from it.

I can’t support someone directly in doing an adaptation from my design, nor can I guarantee that I would be available to troubleshoot any maintenance problems that sometimes crop up. But if anyone has a reasonable ability to learn and just a little experience with spreadsheets, it isn’t too hard to get started. Just start out simple and think carefully about adding anything.

Because Replay player/league membership limits may prevent many players participating in it AND also because it’s 2 more leagues for Replay to handle when 1 would suffice AND (assuming the tournaments are at different times) because it would exclude players from swapping time slots (I quote Mcats “Teammates can switch days with each other but can only play once a week”) AND finally because restricting player numbers due to restrictive playing times does not bode well for growth.

Do these 2 statements conflict, not sure, but I do like the mixers idea.

I thought the switching and all other aspects of this was up for suggestions lol … but from all the answers stomping down any thing different I believe my lip service statement has been proven absolute :slight_smile: all good … but trust me the time requirement will be the down fall but you won t even know b/c people just won t play again … but best of luck

I believe it is but apparently I’m not allowed to express my opinion.
(Note, I have nothing to do with the organisation of this new league, I’m just a person who would like to participate in it)

Ur opinion was to Quote MCcats and the switching players per week which if set up as 3 leagues won t work so any other change would be mute if that is a rule ( which I like by the way ) and I’m a bit confused that the Donks created a new tourney for Weds at 3pm both being played at same time … gee whom is being played here and I think I read Baddonk say it could be done if set up as leagues “It could be done, but each tournament would have to be a separate league which would make it more difficult for us to have the flexibility of switching tournament times between teammates” therefore if u don’t have the switch (that I like I say again) … it could be done … Just like the RTC is played

It is a new month and time to announce our August Donk of the Month.
This is our 5th Donk to received this prestigious honor.
The first 4 have all been Donks who have helped administer our league.
It is time we recognize a Donk for their outstanding poker skills at the table.
In May of 2019, this member joined our 2nd tier which at that time was called the Grey Foals.
Eight months later, this member advanced to the 1st tier Golden Donks.
In the 1st quarter as a Golden Donk, they finished 7th on the Sunday and Composite Leaderboards.
In their 2nd quarter, they accomplished the unthinkable by being the only Golden Donk to ever win the Triple Crown by winning the championship on all 3 of our leaderboards.
By now you know that this Donk is SugarBlossom!!!
Congratulations, SugarBlossom. This award is well deserved.
Your medallion has been prepared and will be unveiled at a ceremony here later today.
What time can you be here?


I tip my hat @sugarblossom amazing and well deserved

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Well deserved SugarBlossom, CONGRATS !!!

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Excellent choice, Congratulations Sugar Blossum

Here’s a novel idea … How about it is put to a vote with the Questions being !) Whom would like the tournament played with all 3 played at same time on one day? 2) Whom would like the tournament played on 3 separate days at different times on those days? There is nothing bias about those questions that could influence the outcome. Polls written to influence the outcome are the norm these days … and are how way many polls are given (see US Politics)

P.S Given the fact that ALL times will be Euro friendly

And the poll be posted by Badock whom is a neutral party in Donks

and Lyle in TPP for same reason

** I Do like the WE in Caps … nice touch to put me in my place :slight_smile:

And “but I’ve got the ear of some very knowledgeable people” I will accept as the insult it was meant to be :face_with_monocle:

yep and proud of it:) I have found so much better playing as a team and the replay RTC has always been the best ever promo

great to see here so much more about team team team and less all about me me me - lovely xx


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great idea however I dont see that statistically this would work - if you break down the number of donks / country / gender it would very hard to get enough teams together that could play on a given time


Congratulations @sugarblossom. Outstanding accomplishments and well deserved honor.

woop woop @sugarblossom well deserved, I raise my Gin Glass to you xx

WooooHooooo @sugarblossom congrats :slight_smile:. You rule girl! Very impressive win and a well deserved recognition.

I think it´s absolutely amazing to have players like you and @12beat22/John who takes the time to create something new which will make the bond TPP and Donks have even stronger. Personally I find it very attractive that you come up with a completely different format than what we already have in TPP and Donk Leagues.
I´d also like to thank you for creating a format where everybody has a chance to participate no matter what time zone they are in.
This concept is well thought of and you have my full support as well as respect for creating this.


Thank you all. Seriously. I’ve been luckier than good, and in no small part for getting to play poker with all of you. I look forward to seeing you all, twice a week, and Bado, great job with the league. it’s, by far, the best thing about Replay