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Following up on Badonk’s comment, Tom - I should have made the team concept clearer. This is actually individual poker. It’s just that you and your two teammates combine your scores to create a single team score. Only one team member plays for the team on a given day.

It has been suggested that the first team game be an “open” - meaning no restrictions other than members have to be Donks or TPPs. John and I agree. If you know you are interested and want to submit a team of 3 to me now (with Captain/contact) I will start compiling a list as these names need to be forwarded to RP so they can set up the League. It has also been suggested that we go with just 3 to start - no subs. If team members can switch days during a given week in the event of conflicts that should provide enough latitude. It will also simplify scoring.

Totally understand the concept. Thank you MC.

I am confused a bit … why can’t all 3 be played at same time? The Donk League was 3 tiers at one time playing all 3 games at same time … Since this is team it is natural to want to cheer ones teammates on but having 3 seperate days adds so much time to the mix plus confusion of whom can play on given days with such different starting times none of which are condusive to a USA player whom works a regular shift

Another option that is easier to implement manually would be to rank teams by the amount of chips they won during a quarter.

Goat, you have another job besides taking my chips? Where do you fid the time!!!

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Goat - I’m not sure why RP can’t do the same format privately they did for their tournament. That would certainly be the preferred way. But they (chasetheriver) made it clear they couldn’t. (Maybe John remembers the reasoning - or Bado or Lyle have some insight.) Possibly if we get launched they will find a way to support that. But there are some advantages to having games on different days and times - so people in different time zones have good options but, also, for the cheering factor. If everyone is playing at once, you can only cheer if you get knocked out.

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That could work - thanks -

poker all in

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Everyone is not playing at once only one player from team is playing on given day … therefore the other two must sit and cheers for that time on those days

It could be done, but each tournament would have to be a separate league which would make it more difficult for us to have the flexibility of switching tournament times between teammates.
For me, I like being able to cheer on my teammates when I’m not at the same time trying trying to win chips from @goatsoup.


I would love to be be part of it but the different times i cant commit to, for me team is team and no way could i cheer on my tm8s at different times of the day on 2 different days i am not playing - its hard enough to be on 2 tables as it is and will impact other games we play. I wish you all the best as for me a team donk RTC would be great… but not 3 times a week maybe once a quarter and all play at the same time and Replay throw in some merchandise for the winner…

Tiggs xx

If you are only playing 3 tournaments each week then they can be played and the same league and at the same time if you want. That’s more or less what happens in the International team Cup but having said that I like the idea of splitting them over different days and different time slots as that will allow more players from different time zones to participate.

Personally I don’t think it should be restricted to Donks and TPP players only but am happy to go along with that. There could possibly be a problem with the player/league membership limit.

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Hi everyone. I’ll try to clear some things up. We thought playing on 3 different days would suit players from euro and Aus. That is the main reason. I initially wanted to play on the same day and Chasetheriver said that would constitute 3 leagues. His words. Now, with that said, he said after our “trial”, we may be able to go to one day. Confusing? Yes. I feel the way B and pug that giving the Euros and Aussies a better time is very important to the success of the league. As far as scoring, doing it the RTC way is easier to compute for us. Widow had a very good idea, based on chips won. Please remember, this is a NEW league, with undoubtedly growing pains. We’re trying at this time to KISS, that is, keep it simple stupid. I have found that starting and help running a league just ain’t easy. Priscilla and I have our hands full, that’s not to say we are very excited about the league and it’s future. Input from all of you is greatly appreciated. Badonk has been very gracious in giving me some unsolicited suggestions. I listen. So keep your suggestions and questions coming. In the end it WILL be the best we can do for EVERYONE. So, if you’re interested, make a team of 3 with a Captain and send it to Priscilla or I. I hope to get this running as quickly as possible. Thank you all.


To 12beat22 and MCcats
Keep up the great work and let me know what I can do to help.

As long as all players follow instructions and sit at the correct table I see no problem at all playing all 3 tournaments on the same day. If you feel a need to “Police” that then you could do so by using table passwords, no need to have 3 separate Leagues.

Personally I would trust the players but if a team had 2 players in the same tournament then create a suitable penalty to discourage it.

If you do play the 3 tournaments on the same day I personally prefer the idea of playing them at different times, that way all time zones can be covered.

There is no difference if same day or different days if the 3 games are at different times
when comes to time allocated

Then why not have it be 3 leagues 1,2.3 as is done with the RTC and play them at same time? This also comes in line with the KISS concept … I understand the idea of wanting to please the players from other countries which is fine but why not then change all the Donks games to these times … Why not b/c the majority of players stated to keep it as is … or at least split the difference … Starting a new league and changing things up in such a drastic way IMHO is a mistake … personally I could care less what the time of day the 3 league type tourneys ran as long as they are at one time … my suggestions are because I would like to see this work … The sad thing honestly is I have seen the asking for suggestions here and other places on this site and I know absolutely nothing will be taken into account b/c the powers to be have already made up there minds and are just playing lip service … but at least I can say I tried

P.S Soon enough you will have the pleasure of experiencing The Goat at least twice a week in the Golden’s … Remember it’s always fun when The Goats got the gun :slight_smile: