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All the cards look the same after 3 of those holy waters!!!

Can’t possibly lose!


3-7 off suit!

No they aint.
When you look at the back, they are both red.

guaranteed win!!!


Bori…C :rofl:arol told me he is in jail


2022 Q4 All Donks In Series

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@opsco wins the 2022 Q4 All Donks In Series


Thanks! It was a fun tournament. Surprising how a couple of lucky all-ins can make a difference. This is my first bracelet. Hope second is easier.

Any idea as to the oldest player to win a bracelet?


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Congratulations mike

Dunno, how long does a Black Widow live?

Well I guess I need to Congratulate @_snowman for winning our bet on the All Donks in Series

Now I have to wear this shirt for the next 2 weeks … Lesson learned next time must remember to check to see what he is hiding under his hat and not to gloat after game 2 when I had a 20k point lead :slight_smile:

snowman sucks

On a good note … I am now the proud owner of a Snowman Voodoo Doll that I can stick pins in, throw against the wall, give ice cold bathes and let my Kitties play with :rofl:

p.s Congrats @opsco on ur win well played


congrats and well done.

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Thanks Snitty. I was worried you were going to catch me the last tourney.

Thanks. Lucky for me you only played two of the four tourneys. You almost won anyway.


I would love to play all the games but too late at night for me in the UK

Congrats, Mike (opsco) great win!

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Fellow Donks, please send a warm welcome to @Kevin1208 who has recently joined the Donks. Thank you to @chuckcox for recruiting.


Congratulations Mike…very nice.

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The December 2022 Donk of the Month

It is my pleasure to announce this month’s Donk of the month, an award given to a member that makes contributions of service to the league, demonstrates exceptional skill at the table, or has a strong positive influence on the members.

Our Donk of the month joined in July of 2019 in the Silver League. He won 3 silver crowns in Q3 of 2021 by winning the Composite, Sunday 3PM, and Sunday 7PM leaderboards. This earned him advancement to the Golden Donks as well as induction into the HHoF. He also has two second place finishes, in the 2020 Silver Donks Wed 3PM, and in the 2021 Q4 Golden Donks Wed 9PM.

In total, our Donk of the month has played in 376 games, making the final table 90 times, and finishing in first place 10 times.

I recall this Donk absolutely destroying the Silver league when I first joined (back when he was winning his 3 silver crowns in Q3 of last year), and I remember always paying attention to what he was doing if we happened to be on the same table, as it was clear the approach seemed to be consistently working.

I also found this on our Donk of the Month’s profile (excerpt):

“I am a retired truck driver, about 7 yrs, married same lovely lady 44 yrs. Never read a poker book. Only started playing on line in Dec. 2014. On Feb 14, 2015 I quit smoking because I had to go in for a triple bypass surgery. I went in for the surgery on Apr 28, and got out May 8.”

With that, it is my pleasure to announce @cansmoker as the December Donk of the Month.

Thanks as always to @flashlight_gt and @Mahvelous for their work on these medallions.


Congrats Mike!

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Congrats Sid! …Yorunoame I am glad you are ok bro! Awesome job on quitting smoking.

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